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Matches 1 to 1722 of 1722

   Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S459 "Home Folks"
Jackson, Carlton Ezra and Eunice 
2 S1219 "The Indianian"
3 S1726 'The Record' History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, New Jersey
4 S762 1790 U.S. Census
5 S1049 1800 U.S. Census
6 S758 1804 Laws of North Carolina, Chapter CXXVL
7 S1546 1810 U.S. Census
8 S1529 1820 U.S. Census
9 S1583 1830 U.S. Census
10 S1238 1840 Census of Pensioners, Revolutionary and Military Services
11 S66 1840 U.S. Census
12 S1016 1850 U.S. Census
13 S1416 1850-1880 Selected U.S. Federal Census Non-Population Schedules
14 S1964 1851 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia
15 S85 1860 U.S. Census
16 S200 1870 Census Sherman District, Calhoun County, WV
17 S970 1870 U.S. Census
18 S557 1871 Census of Ontario, Canada
19 S1074 1880 Census at familysearch.org
20 S966 1880 U.S. Census
21 S1208 1881 Canadian Census
22 S779 1885 Florida State Census at ancestry.com
23 S1587 1885 Kansas State Census
24 S1577 1885 Nebraska State Census
25 S1876 1890 Veterans Schedules at ancestry.com
26 S1305 1892 New York State Census at Family Search.com
27 S1754 1895 New Jersey State Census
28 S193 1900 Census Center District, Calhoun Co, WV
29 S204 1900 Census Sherman District, Calhoun Co, WV @ LCF
transcribed by Patricia Sexton 
30 S1880 1900 U.S. Census
31 S1013 1900 U.S. Census
32 S418 1900 Warren County, Ohio Census
33 S563 1901 Canadian Census
34 S1621 1905 Kansas State Census
35 S1152 1910 Census Harrison Co, WV
36 S118 1910 Census Lewis Co, WV
37 S104 1910 U.S. Census
38 S385 1910 Warren Co, Ohio Census
39 S1159 1911 Census Athol, Prince Edward, Ontario, Canada
40 S1594 1920 U.S. Census
41 S1037 1925 Iowa State Census
42 S1544 1925 Kansas State Census
43 S400 1930 Census Paulding, Paulding Co, OH
44 S703 1930 U.S. Census
45 S1630 1940 U.S. Census
46 S1654 1945 Florida State Census
47 S16 A Century and a Half of Pittsburg and her People, Vol. III
John W. Jordan, LL.D 
48 S165 A General History of the Burr Family in American: With a Genealogical Record from 1570 to 1878
Charles Burr Todd 
49 S242 A History of Long Island
Pelletreau, William S., A.M. 
50 S289 A History of the Town of Sullivan, New Hampshire, 1777-1917
Seward, Rev Josiah Lafayatte  
51 S960 Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots
52 S1864 Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842
53 S134 Abstracts of North Carolina Land Grant Files, Wilkes County, 1778-1798, Vol. 1.
McNeil, George F., Abstractor 
54 S234 Abstracts of Wills, Vol II 1708-1728
55 S186 Adam and Anne Mott: Their Ancestors and Their Descendants
Cornell, Thomas C. 
56 S1075 Alabama Deaths 1908 - 1959 at ancestry.com
57 S1573 Alabama Marriage Collection, 1800-1969
58 S906 Alabama Marriages 1809-1920 (Selected Counties)
59 S317 Alabama Marriages 1816-1957 at familysearch.org
60 S1378 Alabama, Choctaw County Cemeteries
61 S1377 Alabama, Choctaw County Marriages
62 S948 Alabama, Choctaw County Rootsweb Message Board
63 S1899 Alabama, Deaths and Burials Index, 1881-1974
64 S1895 Alabama, Deaths, 1908-59
65 S1900 Alabama, Select Marriages, 1816-1957
66 S910 Alabama, Sumter Co., Marriage Records 1833-1936
67 S1398 Alabama, Sumter Co., Old Belmont Cemetery
68 S820 Alabama, Sumter County Cemeteries website
69 S1868 Allen, Virgil: Biography of Benjamin Jackson, 1937
70 S35 Allen-Minton Family: Ancestry and Descendants of Captain Job Allen II (Revolutionary Ancestor) and wife Mary Minton
Craghead, Dorothy Allen 
71 S843 American Descendants of Lawrence Pearson
Pierson, Merry Anne 
72 S312 American Genealogical-Biographical Index at ancestry.com
73 S612 Ancestors of the Haner and Luttringhaus Families
Webmaster email: dhaner@citylinq dot com 
74 S609 Ancestors of Thomas L. Housley
Tom Housley, email: directorth@aol dot com 
75 S1660 Ancestral File Record
Ancestral File Record Database, ''FamilySearch''(http://familysearch.org) 
76 S1221 Ancestral File, CD from LDS
77 S384 Ancestry and Family History of George Wm. Phillips
George Wm. Phillips 
78 S1728 Ancestry Family Trees
79 S220 Ancestry.com
80 S1044 Ancestry.com chart
81 S1035 Ancestry.com chart named James Jackson and Abigail Fairchild; collaborative effort
82 S1302 Ancestry.com chart of "Philthebeeman_1": Jackson and McAnally
83 S1772 Ancestry.com chart of "Walsh/McCurran/Finn/Jack Family Tree"
84 S822 Ancestry.com chart of B W Lucas: Lucas Family Tree
85 S158 Ancestry.com chart of BHolley: Raines, Haley, Holley, Paonessa etc.
86 S643 Ancestry.com chart of blossomsgoddess: My Family Tree
87 S1422 Ancestry.com chart of Bob Mitchell: Jacksons and Associated Families
88 S1104 Ancestry.com chart of Carol Chambers: Chambers Douglas
89 S1286 Ancestry.com chart of Carolyn Koch
90 S813 Ancestry.com chart of Chris & Julie Hernandez' Family Lines
91 S1549 Ancestry.com chart of Cindy Lee Jackson
92 S1025 Ancestry.com chart of Clifford Ocheltree: Ocheltree Descendants
93 S1402 Ancestry.com chart of Cyndia Sweet: Sweet Family Tree II
94 S1525 Ancestry.com chart of DorisBeth: Barfield Family Tree
95 S1369 Ancestry.com chart of drkrach: The Whole Famn Damily
96 S664 Ancestry.com chart of Ed Webb: North Florida Webbs
97 S650 Ancestry.com chart of Eleonore lastname n/g: From Buchal to Younger and Inbetween
98 S698 Ancestry.com chart of Ellen Day
99 S1698 Ancestry.com chart of Frances Freeman
100 S1001 Ancestry.com chart of J. Robinson: Robinson Family Tree
101 S957 Ancestry.com chart of Jan Johnson: Lighfoot, Keyes, Jackson etc.
102 S974 ancestry.com chart of Jane Wickert: Chappell - Kelley Family v3
103 S1335 Ancestry.com chart of Janeen Proctor: Proctor, Fry, Davis & Long
104 S1502 Ancestry.com chart of Janet Ridgway
105 S878 Ancestry.com chart of Janis Johnson Owens: Johnson Family Tree
106 S1531 Ancestry.com chart of JCGreer/Carolyn Jackson McCulla: Harrison L. Jackson Family Tree
107 S1155 Ancestry.com chart of Juanita Wilkerson: Juanita's Work
108 S1879 Ancestry.com chart of Lisa: Miller/Bruce and Wheeler/Bond
109 S1015 Ancestry.com chart of Mary Dixon: J. B. Starnes
110 S1300 Ancestry.com chart of MFBves: Smith Family Tree
111 S1212 Ancestry.com chart of Mickey King: King Family Tree
112 S1989 Ancestry.com chart of Nikki Adams: Branchin' Out
113 S1205 Ancestry.com chart of Pat Jackson Armendinger: Jackson/Kelsey Family
Armendinger, Pat Jackson / Donald McNeil 
114 S1429 Ancestry.com chart of Patrinka
115 S1194 Ancestry.com chart of R. H. Hall: Andrew Jackson Scott
116 S1517 Ancestry.com chart of Richard Volkman
117 S831 Ancestry.com chart of Roger Watkins: Watkins Family Tree
118 S493 Ancestry.com chart of Sam Starks: Jackson/Starks Family Tree
119 S934 Ancestry.com chart of Sandi Vaught: Simpkins Family Tree
120 S420 Ancestry.com chart of Sandra Tribe: Sandra Jean Tyson
121 S879 Ancestry.com chart of Sandy Combs: Digging up our Ancestry
122 S707 Ancestry.com chart of snobear1958: Brennan Family Tree
123 S1855 Ancestry.com chart of Stella Cottrill: Welsh Family of Maryland
124 S776 Ancestry.com chart of Teresa Weicht: Meller Family Tree
125 S1634 Ancestry.com chart of Todd Jackson: Jackson Family Tree
126 S1798 Ancestry.com chart of Tom Parker: A Tree of the South!
127 S767 Ancestry.com chart of trioxide: Jensen Family Tree
128 S1147 Ancestry.com chart of turbochina of Portland Oregon: The Reaser Family Tree
129 S24 Ancestry.com chart: Jackson/Carrell (work-in-progress)
130 S876 Ancestry.com chart: Roberts Wheeler Chisholm Jackson Family Forest
131 S1842 Ancestry.com chart: Susan Virginia Pharo Family Tree
132 S956 Ancestry.com chart: Wheeler
133 S1394 Ancestry.com message board. Follow the thread discussion.
134 S1534 Ancestry.com Public Member Trees
135 S1746 Ancestry.com tree of
136 S1932 Ancestry.com tree of Cynthia Benon, descendant with personal knowledge.
137 S1539 Ancestry.com tree of Patty Wilcox: The Wilcox and Allied Families Tree
138 S1411 ancestry.com tree: Shelley Family Tree
139 S534 Ancestry.com World Family Tree
140 S685 Anson Historical Society papers found by Lewis Harrell sent to Bob Mitchell Dec 2008
141 S1718 Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837 - 1957
142 S832 Arkansas, Lonoke County Marriages
143 S911 Arkansas, Marriages 1851-1900 at ancestry.com
144 S404 Autobiography of Isaac Jackson Allen
145 S212 Barbour County, West Virginia, Book of Deaths 1853 - 1919
Coffman, Mary S. 
146 S519 Beckwith Improvements: Repairing and Refining Compiled Genealogies
Gordon L. Remington 
147 S196 Beryl Cunningham's private papers
148 S1375 Bible record of Peter and Cynthia Mullock Jackson
149 S226 Biographical & Genealogical History of Morris Co. NJ, Lewis Publishing Co 1899
150 S645 Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Texas, Hill and Johnson Counties
151 S647 Biographical and Historical Memories of Mississippi, (in 2 Vols) 1891
152 S1190 Biographical Directory of the United States Congress
153 S681 Biographical History of North Carolina: From Colonial Times to the Present
Editors Samuel A. Ashe, Stephen B. Weeks, Charles L. Van Noppen 
154 S1014 Biography
155 S279 Biography of Benjamin Jackson
Allen, Virgil, transcribed by Jerry Gross 
156 S188 Birth Certificate
157 S1096 Births - Family Data Collection at ancestry.com (secondary source; should be verified)
158 S1397 Blakeney Gazette
159 S1396 Blakeney Gazette
160 S1745 Book, "The History of Barbour County, West Virginia: From its Earliest Exploration and Settlement to the Present Time."
HU Maxwell 
161 S1622 Book, "The History of Upshur County, West Virginia"
William B. Cutright 
162 S1569 Book: "A History of Cleveland and Its Environs" Vol III
Avery, Elry McKendree 
163 S1160 Book: "A History of St. Mark's Parish: Culpeper County, Virginia"
Slaughter, Philip, 1877 
164 S1459 Book: "A Peters Lineage, Five Generations of the Descendants of Dr. Charles Peters of Hempstead, New York"
Flint, Martha Bockee 
165 S1149 Book: "A Peters Lineage: Five Generations of the descendants of Dr. Charles Peters of Hempstead, New York"
Flint, Martha Bockee 
166 S232 Book: "Account of Robert Jackson and His Descendants of Queens Co., Long Island"
167 S1513 Book: "Annals of Newtown in Queens County, New York, Containing Its History from Its First Settlement"
Ricker, James 
168 S1255 Book: "Carter County, Tennessee Marriage Records, 1796-1870
Compiler: Burgner, Goldene Fillers 
169 S1235 Book: "Descendants of Josiah Bull, Jr. (1738-1813) of Dutchess County, N. Y.
Mary Lynch Young 
170 S228 Book: "Doty-Doten Family in America; Descendants of Edward Doty, An Emigrant by the Mayflower, 1620"
Ethan Allen Doty 
171 S1869 Book: "Dover History 1722-1922"
172 S1266 Book: "Frost Genealogy: Descendants of William Frost of Oyster Bay..."
Frost, Josephine C. 
173 S1702 Book: "History of Long Island: from its earliest settlement to the Present Time"
Pelletreau, A. M. 
174 S5 Book: "History of the Jackson Family of Hempstead, Long Island"
Oscar Burton Robbins 
175 S1942 Book: "History of Walker County Georgia", Vol I
Sartain, James Alfred 
176 S1214 Book: "Our Jackson Family: Descendants of Jesse and Delilah Jackson"
Garner, Linda Fay Jackson 
177 S1204 Book: "Pearce Genealogy: Being the Record of the Posterity of Richard Pearce . . ."
Pierce, Col. Frederick Clifton 
178 S1523 Book: "Representative Clevelanders: A Biographical Directory of Leading Men and Women in Present Day Cleveland Community"
179 S1750 Book: "Rockaway Borough: A History"
180 S992 Book: "Seventh Day Baptist, the South-Eastern Association, History"
FitzRandolph, Corliss 
181 S1940 Book: "The Ely ancestry : lineage of Richard Ely of Plymouth, England, who came to Boston, Mass., about 1655, & settled..
Compiled by Moses S. Beach and others, Calumet Press, New York, 1902 
182 S1175 Book: "The Grant Family: A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Mattew Grant of Windsor, Conn. 1601-1898
Grant, Arthur Hastings (1898) 
183 S1218 Book: "The Jackson Family"
Jackson, Mahala and Jackson, H. Glenn 
184 S1281 Book: "The Kissam Family in America"
Kissam, Edward 
185 S1170 Book: "The Ogden Family in America, Elizabethtown Branch, and Their English Ancestry"
186 S1173 Book: "Thomas Halsey of Hertfordshire, England, and Southampton, Long Island, 1591-1679, with his American descendants"
Halsey, Jacob Lafayette and Edmund Drake Halsey (1971) 
187 S1947 Book: "Timmons and Tanner: Building an American Heritage
Brown, William Morgan 
188 S1265 Book: "Underhill Genealogy, Vol 5
Frost, Josephine C.; Deats, Edwin R; Macy, Harry; Underhill, Carl J. 
189 S1178 Book: A Chronicle, Together with a Little Romance Regarding Rudolf and Jacob Naf of Frankford, Pennsylvania . . .
Neff, Elizabeth Clifford 
190 S1180 Book: A History of Thomas Canfield and of Matthew Canfield with a Genealogy of Their Descendants in New Jersey
Canfield, Frederick Alexander 
191 S678 Book: Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina
Joseph Asbury Groves, Joseph Asbury 
192 S131 Book: Burch Family and Hollendsworth, Thomas, Meadow, Jackson, No.1 Jackson, No.2 Blakeney, Timmons etc.
Burch, W. Bernette 
193 S954 Book: Clark District Cemeteries, Harrison County, West Virginia
Harrison Co Genealogical Society 
194 S1472 Book: Concerning the Van Bunschoten or Van Benschoten Family in America
Van Benschoten, William Henry, 1907 
195 S724 Book: Descendants of Adam Mott of Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Edw. Doubleday Harris 
196 S1067 Book: Descendants of Edward Tre(a)dwell through his son John
Robbins, William A. 
197 S475 Book: Early Births, Paulding Co, Ohio
Keck, Ray E. 
198 S473 Book: Early Births, Paulding County, Ohio Delayed Registrations 1867-1985; Birth Registrations 1880-1908
Ray E. Keck 
199 S1098 Book: Early Fairchilds in America and Their Descendants
Jean Fairchild Gilmore 
200 S474 Book: Early Marriages Paulding County, Ohio, 1839-1902
Ray E. Keck 
201 S1163 Book: Genealogical and Historical Notes on Culpeper County, Virginia
202 S1885 Book: Genealogical and personal history of the upper Monongahela Valley, West Virginia
Butcher, Bernard Lee and James Morton Callahan 
203 S1984 Book: History of Monroe County, Ohio
204 S1625 Book: History of Morris County, New Jersey with Illustrations, and Biographical Sketches of Prominent Citizens and Pionee
205 S1167 Book: History of Morris County, New Jersey, 1739-1882
206 S1948 Book: History of Ritchie County
Lowther, Minnie Kendall, 1911, McClain Printing Co., Parsons, WV 
207 S875 Book: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana
Belisle, John G. 
208 S1056 Book: History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, N.J., Part II; The combined registers, from 1742 to 1885
209 S952 Book: History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, N.J., Part II; The combined registers, from 1742 to 1885
210 S951 Book: History of Watauga County, North Carolina 1849 - 1949
Arthur, John Preston 
211 S1062 Book: Jacob Milton Bergen, Sr. Family of Long Island, New York
Bergen, William Swayer 
212 S1189 Book: Johnson County Tennessee Death Record Abstracts 1908-1941
Nikazy, Eddie M. 
213 S363 Book: Kaufman-Kauffman The Distaff Side
Frank L. Kaufman and Odette J. Mordant Kaufman 
214 S15 Book: Long Island Genealogies...
Bunker, Mary Powell 
215 S829 Book: Lonoke County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol 2, Part B
Martinet, Thomas C. 
216 S343 Book: Lyon Memorial
Albert Brown Lyons, Sidney Elizabeth Lyon 
217 S1652 Book: Marriages of some Virginia Residents; 1607-1800, Vol. II
Wulfeck, Dorothy Ford 
218 S1181 Book: Minutes of the Thirty-Eighth Session of the Newark Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church held in Bethel . .
Opdyke, H. D. and John F. Dodd, editors 
219 S1251 Book: More Fairchilds in America
Gilmore, Jean Fairchild 
220 S1473 Book: Moses Vail of Huntington, Long Island
Vail, William Penn, M.D., 1947 
221 S761 Book: National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution; Vol 95, pg 150
222 S1176 Book: New England Families Genealogical and Memorial, A record of the Achievements of her People . . .
Cutter, William Richard 
223 S30 Book: Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte
William F. E. Morley 
224 S1927 Book: Portrait and biographical album of Whiteside County, Illinois
Chapman Brothers, 1885 
225 S1920 Book: Princetonians, 1776-1783: A Biographical Dictionary
Harrison, Richard A.  
226 S547 Book: Progressive Men of Bannock, Bear Lake, Bingham, Fremont and Oneida Counties, Idaho
227 S1179 Book: Sayre Family - Lineage of Thomas Sayre, a Founder of Southamption
Banta, Theodore Melvin 
228 S1083 Book: Southold Index of 1698
229 S773 Book: Survey of LaFayette County Florida Cemeteries
Paulk, Jessie H. & Delma Wilson Paulk 
230 S795 Book: Taylor County Cemeteries, (Florida), July 1997
Paulk, Jesse H. 
231 S261 Book: The Ancestry of Robert P. Eldredge
Eldredge, Robert P., 6663 Franconia Drive, Bell Island, FL 32812 
232 S1258 Book: The Descendants of Edward Fitz Randolph and Elizabeth Blossom, 1630 - 1950
Christian, Louise Aymar and Fitz Randolph, Howard Stelle  
233 S1006 Book: The Heritage of Wilkes County
234 S713 Book: The Jacksons: Yours and Ours
Sarah Sisson and Janice Mercier, between 1975 and 1979 
235 S753 Book: The James Holden Jackson Family
Joel Jackson 
236 S175 Book: The Jones Family of Long Island, Descendants of Major Thomas Jones & Allied Families
Jones, John Henry 
237 S1469 Book: The Kissam Family in America from 1644 to 1825
Kissam, Edward; Dempsey & Carroll's Art Press, New York, 1892 
238 S921 Book: The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut
239 S572 Book: The Verity Family of Long Island, New York
Baldwin, Richard P. 
240 S211 Book: They Rest Quietly--Cemetery Records for Barbour County West Virginia
241 S1981 Book: Thomas Jones, Fort Neck, Queens County, Long Island, 1695, and his Descendants, the Floyd-Jones Family
Floyd-Jones, Thomas, New York, 1906 
242 S1983 Book: Westchester Patriarchs: a genealogical dictionary of Westchester County, New York, families prior to 1755
Davis, Norman 
243 S195 Book: Who Am I - A Genealogical Study of the Bower, Taylor & Related Families
Carpenter, Mary Bower 
244 S741 Brief History of My Life
Covington, David Anderson 
245 S1161 Brigham Young University Digital Collections
246 S1069 Buracker & Boraker Family History Research Newsletters
Boraker, Robert C., Editor 
247 S1042 California Birth Index, 1905-1995 at ancestry.com
248 S1341 California Marriage Index, 1960-1985
249 S1373 California Passenger and Crew Lists 1893-1957
250 S1094 California, Death Index, 1940 - 1997
251 S1533 California, Death Index, 1940-1997 at familysearch.org
252 S353 California, Southern Tuolumne County Residents
The History Resource Center of the Groveland Yosemite Gateway Museum 
253 S793 Canada. 1861 Census of Canada
254 S785 Canada. 1901 Census of Canada
255 S560 Canadian Death Index at ancestry.com
256 S733 Captain Stephen Jackson Biography by James C. Pigg
257 S1901 Carmen Family Collection
258 S784 Carolyn Walker [breckenridge44 add the at alltel add the dot net]
259 S596 Carpenter Collections
John L. Carpenter, email: johnlsaywhat add the at aol dot com 
260 S161 Cemeteries in Harrison County West Virginia http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/wv/harrison/cemetery1/clarksioof.txt
261 S246 Cemeteries of Old Wantagh, Nassau, New York
262 S1946 Cemeteries of Union District, Harrison County, West Virginia
263 S366 Cemetery Records - see comments
264 S857 Cemetery Records at Access Genealogy
265 S1207 Cemetery Records Glenwood Cemetery, Picton, Prince Edward Co., Ontario
266 S1307 Cemetery Records, Sands Point, Nassau Co., New York
267 S1613 Cemetery records: Interment.net
268 S1633 Cemetery transcription
269 S1239 Cemetery, New York, Wantagh, Jerusalem Friends Cemetery
270 S268 Cemetery, New York, Wantagh, Jerusalem Friends Cemetery
271 S1603 Cemetery: East Cleveland Township Cemetery
272 S1312 Cemetery: Green-Wood, New York City, New York
273 S1612 Cemetery: Grelton Cemetery Association website, Henry Co., Ohio
274 S1978 Cemetery: Jackson Family Cemetery, Wetzel, West Virginia
275 S1977 Cemetery: Low Gap Church Cemetery
276 S405 Cemetery: Pennsylvania, Columbia County
277 S1507 Cemetery: Pennsylvania, Fayette Co., Oak Grove
278 S787 Cher Newell (cherrino75 add the at yahoo add the dot com)
279 S1606 Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934
280 S169 Clarke, R. G.; Early New Netherlands Settlers
281 S9 Colonial Ancestors of Edward Jackson, 1967
Hoffman, Glady Stutler 
282 S1339 Colorado, Weld County Office of Recorder
283 S1470 Commemorative biographical record of Dutchess County New York
J. H. Beers & Co. 
284 S989 Compelling Conjecture: For reasoning see www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com/researchnotes/JamesJackson.htm
285 S1347 Connecticut Death Index, 1949 - 2001
286 S1348 Connecticut Divorce Index, 1968 - 1987
287 S486 Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)
288 S754 Crawford Family by Rosemary C. Miller Nov 1998
289 S549 Dan Buchanan file on rootsweb
290 S969 DAR #543002
291 S978 DAR #618336
292 S1777 DAR #728858
293 S82 DAR #835303
294 S225 DAR Application found at Ancestry.com
295 S167 DAR Lineage Book, 1927
Daughter's of the American Revolution (DAR) 
296 S278 DAR Lineage Book, 1936
Daughter's of the American Revolution (DAR) 
297 S1828 DAR Member Application of Ada Jackson Day, Nat'l #384724
298 S1791 DAR Member Application of Aladine Jackson Wymer, Nat'l #150461
299 S1803 DAR Member Application of Alice Jackson Benjamin, Nat'l #281656
300 S1757 DAR Member Application of Alta M. Frost, Nat'l #237790
301 S1789 DAR Member Application of Anna L. Grant Lehman, Nat'l #86164
302 S1779 DAR Member Application of Arline Isis Smith, Nat'l #328100
303 S1763 DAR Member Application of Barbara Abbott Hyde, Nat'l #565827
304 S1762 DAR Member Application of Beatrice Dorothy Truelson, Nat'l #349240
305 S1769 DAR Member Application of Bertha Stevens, Nat'l #94570
306 S1833 DAR Member Application of Carolyn Jackson Gilpatrick, Nat'l #343526
307 S398 DAR Member Application of Carolyn Spence Selby, Nat'l #437252
308 S1758 DAR Member Application of Della Jackson Christensen, Nat'l #490467
309 S1820 DAR Member Application of Delores Thompson Conaway, Nat'l #583196
310 S1764 DAR Member Application of Dorothy Rines Dingfelder, Nat'l #580623
311 S1761 DAR Member Application of E Irene Williams, Nat'l #338180
312 S1832 DAR Member Application of Edna Jackson Allers, Nat'l #357020
313 S1819 DAR Member Application of Edna Madge Deninno, Nat'l #546906
314 S1782 DAR Member Application of Ella Foland, Nat'l #294690
315 S1804 DAR Member Application of Ethel Bassel Ford, Nat'l #269753
316 S1799 DAR Member Application of Ethel Cunningham Simmons, Nat'l #186022
317 S975 DAR Member Application of G. S. Hoffman, Nat'l #468189
318 S1719 DAR Member Application of Geneave Hixon Homan, Nat'l #396408
319 S1831 DAR Member Application of Geneva Patterson McLennan, Nat'l #358655
320 S1672 DAR Member Application of Helen Miller Jackson Ferguson, Nat'l #16524
321 S1816 DAR Member Application of Irene Jackson Brooks, Nat'l #377191
322 S1829 DAR Member Application of Iva Mahala Jackson Hixson, Nat'l #362373
323 S801 DAR Member Application of Jane Alice Jackson Kimble, Nat'l #741206
324 S1756 DAR Member Application of Jean Perrin, Nat'l #429258
325 S1783 DAR Member Application of Jean Shank Morehead, Nat'l #296720
326 S1825 DAR Member Application of Jeanne Cline Critchfield, Nat'l #396401
327 S1766 DAR Member Application of Julia Moore Allen, Nat'l #132568
328 S962 DAR Member Application of L. Stutler, Nat'l #466912
329 S964 DAR Member Application of Lester Jackson Williams, Nat'l #110687
330 S1793 DAR Member Application of Louise Jarvis Currence, Nat'l #163781
331 S58 DAR Member Application of Louise Thompson Smith, Nat'l #451664
332 S1778 DAR Member Application of Lula M. Simmons, Nat'l #287473
333 S972 DAR Member Application of M. J. Stutler, Nat'l #412836
334 S1755 DAR Member Application of Marjorie Edith Clark Burchell, Nat'l #416433
335 S1771 DAR Member Application of Martha Augusta Brown Hager, Nat'l #282199
336 S1814 DAR Member Application of Martha Stout Lotspeich, Nat'l #165238
337 S1802 DAR Member Application of Mary Alice Currence Snyder, Nat'l #261559
338 S1790 DAR Member Application of Mary Elizabeth Jackson, Nat'l #110688
339 S1737 DAR Member Application of Mary Frances Muscari Schultheis, Nat'l #366168
340 S1800 DAR Member Application of Mary Madgalene Jackson, Nat'l #197789
341 S1826 DAR Member Application of Mary V Leever Cline, Nat'l #390994
342 S120 DAR Member Application of May Freeman Gaskins, Nat'l #482149
343 S1792 DAR Member Application of May Stout Reynolds, Nat'l #159058
344 S1827 DAR Member Application of Myrtle Leever Doermann, Nat'l #396032
345 S1743 DAR Member Application of Nell Marie Robinson, Nat'l #172951
346 S1788 DAR Member Application of Nellie Burr Bassel Grumbein, Nat'l #86163
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384 S59 DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition
385 S241 David Allen Lower & Janet D. Lower Pedigree
Lower, David Allen, email: lower add the at tweny.rr add the dot com 
386 S122 Death Certificate
387 S1311 Death Notice in Newspaper
388 S164 Death Record Detail
389 S1911 Delaware Marriage Records, 1806-1933
390 S775 Descendancy chart of John Alston of NC by Anne Bartee
391 S325 Descendants of James and William Lockridge
Walters, Robert B. & Harriet H.  
392 S395 Descendants of Jeffrey Ferris
393 S207 Descendants of John Lynch
Lynch, Jane 
394 S499 Descendants of Joshua Ward
Joyce Post, towpath2 add the at aol dot com 
395 S616 Descendants of Mahlon Courtney
396 S1406 Descendants of Matthew Raiford
Blackman, Elaine Farmer 
397 S1195 Descendants of Robert Francis Shumate
398 S56 Descendants of Robert James Chenoweth
Jon D. Egge, email: jegge AT chenowethsite dot com 
399 S361 Direct Descendants of Johannes Idinger
Karyl (Ettinger) Heiden, email trularin add the at yahoo add the dot com 
400 S926 Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929
Hafner, Arthur Wayne, ed 
401 S1355 Documentary History of the Dutch Congregation of Oyster Bay, Queens County, Island of Nassau
Stoutenburgh, Henry A., 1903 
402 S983 Don Norman files at Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants Library
403 S586 Donna Martin: Martin-Huntzberg Connections
404 S808 Doughty Family Cemetery
405 S76 Doughty Family of Long Island
Ethan Allen Doty 
406 S1475 Dutchess County, New York Cemeteries/Poughquag
407 S1476 Dutchess County, New York Cemeteries/Poughquag(2)
408 S1023 Ebenezer and Nancy Jackson 1928 Reunion, list of persons attending
409 S142 Edward Doty of the Mayflower: Mayflower Families in Progress, 3rd ed.
Hill, Peter B., compiler 
410 S413 Edward Jackson's Estate Settlement Papers
411 S329 Eileen A. Averill: Information about Joseph Tompkins
412 S1157 Email (GEDCOM) from Maureen Briscoe.
413 S218 Email from Al Albright
414 S1867 Email from Andrea Gillis Cash
415 S1308 Email from Andrina Womack
416 S1696 Email from Ann Radford Nov 2012
417 S896 Email from Anna Doone
418 S1591 Email from Anne Mallinson 29 April 2012
419 S1091 Email from Art Hubbs
420 S1070 Email from Art Hubbs Dec 2008
421 S818 Email from Barbara Dolloff May 2008
422 S1905 Email from Barbara Trulis June 2014
423 S286 Email from Ben Drollinger, researcher of Phillips family
424 S863 Email from Beth Gay Jan 2008
425 S446 Email from Betty Briggs
426 S1232 Email from Blythe Anderson Chase, descendant, 5/12/2010, 6/25/2013
427 S113 Email from Bob Cooke
428 S949 Email from Bob Mitchell
429 S102 Email from Bob Schlesier
430 S663 Email from Bobbie Kinsey Jackson, wife of descendant of Lenard Owen Jackson
431 S1333 Email from C. Enix Jan & Feb 2011.
432 S478 Email from Carol Ann Morris, May 2008
433 S751 Email from Carolyn Carter to Bob Mitchell, 8 Feb 2005
434 S1930 Email from Cathy Baker
435 S668 Email from Cecil Revell Nov 2007
436 S68 Email from Charlene Cathell, cathellcj at aol add the dot com
437 S46 Email from Charlene N. Kendall
438 S1870 Email from Charles Holliday, descendant of Jemima Jackson RIN 47
439 S588 Email from Charles Jackson
440 S230 Email from Cheryl (Chatfield) Thompson
441 S705 Email from Cheryl . . .Ctchar222 19 Aug 2007
442 S1005 Email from Chris Faircloth quoting the 'Fairchilds in America' book by Jean Gilmore
443 S861 Email from Chris Grotz Jan 2008 & Nov 2012
444 S1520 Email from Cindy Jackson Soria Nov 2015
445 S323 Email from Clark Blake
446 S287 Email from Connie Beck
447 S318 Email from Connie Rasmussen
448 S1352 Email from Craig Jones Feb 2011
449 S564 Email from Dan Buchanan
450 S1466 Email from Danny Chancellor
451 S132 Email from Danny Chancellor
452 S1939 Email from daughter
453 S516 Email from Dave Frazier
454 S501 Email from Dennis Ward, Jan 2008
455 S1409 email from descendant
456 S1365 Email from descendant
457 S1011 Email from descendant Chris L. Jackson Sep 2007 & Jun 2008
458 S1106 Email from descendant Jake Croft 2 Mar 2009
459 S1427 email from descendant of Barbara Jean Jackson and William Cooper.
460 S447 Email from Descendant of Hez
D. Straight 
461 S1464 Email from descendant Panda Basham
462 S1903 Email from descendant, Anne Ireland Haupt
463 S938 Email from descendant, Keith Bailey July 17, 2008.
464 S1162 Email from descendant, Louise Jackson Kodi, 21 Aug 2009
465 S1400 Email from descendant, Maggie
466 S95 Email from descendant, S. N. Cesshine
467 S1504 Email from descendant, Vanessa Edwards
468 S179 Email from descendant: B. Collins, rec'd 26 Nov 2005.
469 S1151 Email from Diane McLennan Felt
470 S1234 Email from Donald Leland Jackson, descendant
471 S119 Email from Donna Moran, descendant
472 S455 Email from Dorothy Jackson Roberts
473 S311 Email from Dorothy Komp Baker
474 S546 Email from Elizabeth Archer
475 S736 email from Elizabeth R. Goins, Nov 2007 - Mar 2010
476 S1773 Email from Elouise Hughes
477 S1938 email from family member
478 S1455 Email from Frances Freeman
479 S1113 Email from Grace Sidwell Chambers Feb 2009
480 S264 Email from Graham Johnson
481 S1441 Email from grand-daughter, Leola Sharpe
482 S1468 Email from H. Grimm, descendant
483 S602 email from Herman Baker, Little Switzerland, NC
484 S810 Email from J. Jackson, granddau of Jesse Lewis Jackson Nov 2007
485 S1010 Email from Jack Hendrick, Oct 2008
486 S1433 Email from Jackson P. Scholl, rec'd 12 Oct 2011
487 S644 Email from Jacquelyn J. Cannon
488 S464 Email from Jan Stanhewicz
489 S269 Email from Jan Stanhewicz, descendant of Robert E. Jackson
490 S781 email from Jan Walker Jackson
491 S41 email from Jeanne Wurmser, PH.D.
492 S937 Email from Jennifer Jackson July 2008 & Jan 2009
493 S202 Email from Jerry Gross
494 S1483 Email from Jerry Jackson, Park City, Utah
495 S674 Email from Jerry Spencer of Grapevine, Texas
496 S617 email from Jessica Booth 1 Jul 2007
497 S540 Email from Jinny Jackson Smith
498 S1063 Email from Jo Davis rec'd 7 Dec 2008
499 S955 Email from Joan E. Culler, descendant, Aug 2008
500 S539 email from Jodie Lutter Aug 19 - Oct 30, 2007
501 S1321 Email from Joe Jackson Nov 2010.
502 S630 Email from Joetta Canter to Darrell Jackson
503 S723 Email from Joetta Canter to Janie
504 S33 Email from John 'Jack' McAnally
505 S1910 Email from John Dale Jackson
506 S358 Email from John McKinney, Oct 2008
507 S532 Email from John Quinn, Pratt researcher
508 S953 Email from John Younger Jackson, descendant
509 S1254 email from Joyce A. Staley Bell
510 S638 Email from Julie Findley-Thomas, descendant, January 2008
511 S672 Email from Karen Spencer
512 S657 Email from Kathy Burch Williams 9/29/2007
513 S1134 Email from Kay Fenton
514 S1430 Email from Kim Booth Fetter, rec'd December 2011
515 S991 Email from Larry Clark, Sept. 2008
516 S111 Email from Larry Hakel. He has web site Hakel - Beatie Ancestors.
517 S333 email from Larry Hefner, Calhoun Co WV researcher
518 S1082 Email from Launa Nashlund Jan & Feb 2009
519 S1358 email from Laura Alksnis
520 S610 email from LeAnn Kelley, descendant of the Cryts Family June 30, 2007
521 S1182 Email from Leslie Bacon May 2009
522 S422 email from Leslie Ballou
523 S1451 Email from Leslie Hood Dec, 2011
524 S1951 Email from Lezley Jackson Spikes 10 Mar 2015
525 S199 email from Lillian M. Dodd
526 S1240 Email from Linda Butler, descendant
527 S288 email from Linda Jahraus
528 S641 Email from Linda Ley
529 S545 Email from Linda Peling Alessio
530 S81 email from Linn Baiker
531 S1415 Email from Lois Jackson
532 S1284 email from Lora duBain
533 S1366 Email from Louis.Jackson AT tnadd the dot gov Mar 2011
534 S1309 Email from Louise Melin 9/2/2010
535 S823 Email from Lyn Willis Harris, Fairfax, Virginia
536 S438 Email from Lynda Davis, descendant, Nov 2006
537 S604 email from M. J. Brogdon 27 Sep 2007
538 S377 Email from M. Woznack
539 S138 email from Marsha Petrie
540 S592 Email from Martha Coshow Terry
541 S359 email from Martie Carreon
542 S1908 Email from Mary Bridges, descendant
543 S1012 Email from Mary Dixon
544 S429 email from Mary Fowler Slack
545 S456 email from Melanie
546 S1714 Email from Melinda Cox received 7 Jan 2013
547 S1233 Email from Melissa Salts, descendant, May 2010
548 S1142 Email from Michael Bassell to Jerry Gross Dec 2008
549 S1071 email from Michael Denton
550 S1184 email from Michael Hatfield, descendant
551 S198 email from Michael Uhl, descendant
552 S146 Email from Nancy Ann Jackson
553 S737 Email from Nancy Burch Bunch June 2007
554 S726 email from Nancy Jackson Thompson
555 S1076 Email from Nancy Kraemer Jan 2009
556 S1224 Email from Nathan Allen Parrish
557 S1853 Email from Nick Lewis
558 S1871 Email from Opal Hill Bess Sherrill Schuler
559 S338 email from P Fish, Fitz Randolph relative
560 S403 Email from P. Dorgan Descendant of Berdena Jackson Bliss
561 S1345 Email from P. T. Zeilman, January 24, 2011
562 S873 Email from Pam Downs
563 S1499 Email from Pam Shrader, 2012
564 S112 Email from Patricia J. Treadwell
565 S1264 Email from Patrinka Hyatt Baccus, Rushing descendant
566 S42 email from Paula Mellor
567 S1805 Email from Phyllis Shreve
568 S440 Email from Poole researcher
569 S74 Email from Ramon Jackson
570 S1434 Email from Raymond Kelman, descendant
571 S950 Email from Rebecca Jean Jackson Henderson, descendant
572 S29 Email from Rebecca Walch
573 S1431 Email from relative, Jackson P. Scholl 12 Oct 2011
574 S1881 Email from researcher Natalie Lake Ernstes April 2014.
nernstes at gmail add the dot com 
575 S1922 Email from Richard H. Irish 19 Oct 2014
576 S815 Email from Rick Stirling
577 S1215 Email from Rickie C. Jackson
578 S523 Email from Robert A. Schlesier
579 S1357 Email from Robert Hudgins, gr-grandson of Emerson Burleigh Austin
580 S457 Email from Robert J. Drake
581 S208 email from Robert Jackson
582 S292 Email from Robert Jackson Aug 2003
583 S1933 Email from Robert Nichols, Sexton, First Presbyterian Church, Rockaway, Morris Co., NJ
584 S920 Email from Robin Jackson Sopchak, descendant
585 S1018 email from Sandi Vaught
586 S412 email from Sandra Sommerville Wells Griffith 14 Jan 2001
587 S727 email from Sharyn Jackson Tyler
588 S856 Email from Shawn Woolsey, descendant, rec'd January 2008
589 S1902 Email from Sheila Collins Graham
590 S1973 Email from Sherry Nelson
591 S1368 Email from son, Richard A.
592 S10 email from Stella Cotrill
593 S577 Email from Steve Jackson
594 S548 Email from Steven Cavanaugh
595 S335 Email from Tammy Knowles Johnson, Aug 2012
596 S867 Email from Ted Pylants Mar 2008
597 S1257 Email from Teresa Baisden
598 S1109 Email from Thomas G. Atkins
599 S1193 Email from Thomas Jackson, descendant
600 S711 Email from Tina N. Near, descendant, Jan & Sep 2009
tnear _AT_cfl_Dot_rr_DOT_com 
601 S133 Email from Trelllys Erwin
602 S1090 Email from William Carson "Bill" White of Jane Lew, WV.
603 S62 Email from William Carson "Bill" White of Jane Lew, WV.
604 S1185 Email from Wm. D. Jackson, descendant Sept 2009
605 S1697 Email rec'd from Polly Williams Oct 20, 2013
606 S679 Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy
Hinshaw, William Wade 
607 S1174 Encyclopedia of Connecticut Biography, Vol 2
Hart, Samuel 
608 S684 Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography
Lyon Gardiner Tyler, LL.D. 
609 S445 Essex County New Jersey Quaker Records
610 S1263 Estate Settlement record
611 S1508 Ewing Family Association
612 S1515 Families of ancient New Haven
Jacobus, Donald Lines and Helen D. Love Scranton 
613 S273 Families of Burlington County, NY
Bill Abrams 
614 S491 Family Bible
615 S1564 Family Data Collection - Births
Edmund West, comp. 
616 S1592 Family Data Collection - Individual Records
617 S1742 Family Data Collection at ancestry.com
618 S1724 Family History notes by Harriet Meyer Hixson provided by her son Fred Hixson
Frederick Hixson, email fhixson at comcast dot net 
619 S744 Family history of James J. Gathings
Unknown; contributed by Desiree McDonough 
620 S1423 Family Records of May MacCallum
621 S183 Family Records or Genealogies of the First Settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity
John Littell 
622 S1105 Family Search - LDS
623 S1289 Family Search: http://fsbeta.familysearch.org/
624 S163 Family Stories & Bible Records of Central West Virginia, Estracts from Clarksburg Exponent Telegram Oct. 1932 - Feb 1933
Lolita A. Guthrie 
625 S676 Family Tree DNA website
626 S180 Family Tree DNA website
627 S528 Familysearch.org
628 S852 Familysearch.org/Ancestral File
629 S1860 FamilyTree Circles, no sources
630 S1960 Fayette County, Pennsylvania, Genealogical and Personal History
Edited by John Woolf Jordan, James Hadden 
631 S1738 Find A Grave Website
632 S181 First Family of Rockaway
633 S1158 Florida Death Index, 1877-1998 at ancestry.com
634 S1680 Florida Divorce Index, 1927-2001
635 S907 Florida, LaFayette Co., Marriage Book
636 S244 Frank M. Jackson research and family records, "Ancestors of Frank M. Jackson"
fjackson add the at tampabay add the dot rr.com 
637 S1338 From Virginia Tannous (mother)
638 S721 Funeral Home Records: Bram Funeral Records
639 S919 Funeral Memorial Card
640 S859 Gedcom Index Webpage
641 S909 Gencircles Website: Vail Family
Gail L. (Bonnette) White, email gail801 add the at msn add the dot com 
642 S36 Genealogical & Biographical Memoranda of the Allen Family
Isaac Jackson Allen 
643 S255 Genealogical & Biographical Notes on the Haring-Herring, Clark, Denton, White, Griggs, Judd and related families.
Judd, Peter Haring; New York, NY, 2005 
644 S280 Genealogical & Biographical Sketches of the New Jersey Branch of the Harris Family, 1888, Democrat Printing Co.
Boyd, Richard C. and Mrs. Sarah J. (Harris) Keifer 
645 S659 Genealogical Abstracts from Reported Deaths, The Nashville Christian Advocate, 1897-1899
646 S150 Genealogical and Personal History of the Upper Monongahela Valley West Virginia, Volume II
Callahan, James Morton, Professor of History, West Virginia University 
647 S839 Genealogy of Ted Warren and Cheryl Lee Whitney Viands
Ted Viands, email: theviandses@earthlink.net or chettav@hotmail.com 
648 S834 Genealogy of the William Alexander Rosengrant Family
Webmaster, ELHF@mymail.emcyber.com 
649 S1392 GenForum Message Board
650 S386 George W. Jackson Estate Settlement Papers
651 S699 Georgia Death Index 1919 - 1998
652 S1574 Georgia Deaths, 1919-1998
653 S1292 Georgia Marriages to 1850 at ancestry.com
654 S866 Georgia, Chattooga County Marriages, 1861-1880
655 S1627 German Genealogy Group: Nassau County Marriages, 1908 - 1936
656 S360 Gilmer County Deaths Online
657 S411 Gilmer County West Virginia 1845-1989
Gilmer County Historical Society 
658 S107 Gilmer County West Virginia Cemeteries, Vol 1
Cochran, Wes 
659 S490 Gilmer County West Virginia Marriages 1845-1933
Cochran, Wes 
660 S898 Gilmer County West Virginia Marriages Online
661 S504 Gilmer County WV Births Online
662 S488 Gilmer County WV Cemeteries, Vol I March 1992
Cochran, Wes 
663 S489 Gilmer County WV Deaths 1881 - 1903
Cochran, Wes 
664 S487 Gilmer County WV Deaths 1904-1951
Cochran, Wes 
665 S124 Gilmer County, WV Cemeteries Vol II
Cochran, Wes 
666 S108 Gilmer County, WV Deaths 1853-1880
Cochran, Wes 
667 S725 Gorman website
Gorman, D. H. 
668 S148 Gravestone
669 S511 Groves, Darrell; rootsweb chart: Groves and Related Families VA/WV and West
670 S521 GSNJ Bible Record Collection 2883
671 S1143 Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants Msg Board Archives
672 S92 Hall-Smith: www.rootsweb.com/worldconnect ID returnwithhonor
673 S326 Hammer-Bosma-Zimmerman-Hollebeek Families
Hammer, Hans 
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Hardesty, H. H. 
675 S54 Hardesty's History of Calhoun County
676 S285 Harris, J. M.; rootsweb chart: James Harris 1725 Elizabeth, NJ
J. M. Harris 
677 S485 Harrison Co WV Cemeteries - Coal District
Research by Paula Mellor from: 
678 S625 Harrison County Marriages 1785 - 1894
Wes Cochran 
679 S123 Harrison County Marriages 1785 - 1894
Research by Paula Mellor from: Wes Cochran 
680 S347 Harrison County WV Birth Records (Misc) 1853-1922
681 S127 Harrison County WV Birth Records Online
682 S160 Harrison County WV Death Records 1853 - 1903
Research by Paula Mellor from: 
683 S346 Harrison County WV Death Records Online
684 S503 Harrison County WV Marriages Online
685 S590 Hartman, Don & Jeanine website: Family Hart
686 S355 Harvard College, the Class of 1876, Report of the Secretary
Secretary of Harvard College 
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Sponsored by Hathaway Family Assoc., compiled & edited by Elizabeth Starr Versailles 
688 S518 Hathaways of America, 1970 Edition
Sponsored by Hathaway Family Assoc., compiled & edited by Elizabeth Starr Versailles 
689 S593 Heatherlys and Related Families
Nadine Heatherly Stephens 
690 S237 Hewlett Message Board @ rootsweb
691 S1191 Historic Court Records
692 S541 Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Family History of New York
William S. Pelletreau, A.M 
693 S527 Historical and Genealogical Miscellany: New York and New Jersey, Vols. I-V
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H. H. Hardesty 
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Lee, Alfred E. 
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710 S469 History of Warren County, Ohio, Part V, Biographical Sketches, Harlan Township, Pg 1035
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711 S390 History of Warren County, Ohio, Part VI, Biographical Sketches - Salem Township
712 S391 History of Warren County, Ohio, Part VI, Biographical Sketches, Salem Township.
713 S2 History of West Virginia, Old and New
714 S889 History of Whiteside Co., Illinois
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Extracted by Alan Taplow 
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Frank Parise 
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Antony Maitland 
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David Allen Lower 
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R. G. Clarke 
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Betty Lou Malesky 
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Mary Beth Wheeler 
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Mary Foster Ludvigsen 
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Maurice Woehrle 
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Judy Kaye Erickson  
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Laroy A. Evans  
754 S1488 http://www.genealogymagazine/com/andrewjackson.html
755 S567 http://www.idreamof.com/cemetery/ny/longisland/willis.html
756 S389 http://www.muchmore.org
Muchmore, Donna 
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William C. Dudley 
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Bert Nagel 
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Percy Crayon 
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763 S449 http://www.skyways.org/towns/Bennington/m_i_j.html
764 S130 http://www.tricountyi.net/~asmullen/greenegenie/Jackson/jackson_ancestors.htm
Nicholas Herkimer Greene, Jr. posted by A. Smullen 
765 S51 Hur Herald Newspaper, Calhoun Co, WV
766 S1444 Idaho, Death Index 1911-1951 at ancestry.com
767 S1445 Idaho, Marriages 1842-1996 at ancestry.com
768 S1447 Idaho: Eastern Idaho Death Records
769 S765 IGI records @ www.familysearch.org
770 S1131 Illinois Statewide Death Index - Pre 1916
771 S1200 Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900
772 S1107 Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900
773 S1966 Illinois, Cook County, Birth Certificates Index, 1871-1922
774 S1963 Illinois, Cook County, Death Index, 1878-1922
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777 S1485 Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths Index, 1916-1947
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780 S1334 Illinois, Piatt County, Genealogy Trails
781 S1087 Indiana, Allen County Index to Marriage Records A-Z 1824-1920
782 S1089 Indiana, Allen County Obituary Index
783 S1086 Indiana, Allen County, Fort Wayne, Lindenwood Cemetery
784 S1088 Indiana, Births 1880-1920 at ancestry.com
785 S1570 Indiana, Deaths, 1882-1920
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789 S1054 Indiana, Marriages to 1850 at ancestry.com
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792 S1053 Indiana, Montgomery County Marriages
793 S1052 Indiana, Montgomery County Marriages
794 S1058 Indiana, Montgomery County USGenWeb Project
795 S304 Indiana, Noble County, Vital Records
796 S1909 Indiana, Porter County, Vidette-Messenger and Vidette-Times Obituary Index, 1927-2011
797 S1877 Indiana, Select Births and Christenings, 1773-1933
798 S1112 Indiana, Tipton Co Gen Web
Coordinator Russ Bauer 
799 S466 Indiana, Whitley County, Marriages 1838-1910
800 S315 Indiana, Whitley, Evergreen Cemetery
801 S309 Indiana, Whitley, Stough Cemetery
802 S1872 Indiana: Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana (48th Infantry in the American Civil War)
Terrell, W. H. H., Adjutant General, Indiana, 1866 
803 S18 International Genealogical Index (R)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
804 S1437 Iowa Cemetery Records
805 S310 Iowa Gravestone Photo Project
806 S849 Iowa State Census 1836-1925 at ancestry.com
807 S1605 Iowa, Births and Christenings, 1857 - 1947
808 S1478 Iowa, Jones County Burials/Wyoming
809 S1285 Iowa, Woodbury County Marriages at usgenweb.com
810 S1710 Italigan Genealogy Group
811 S844 Jackson Brigade, Inc.
812 S1350 Jackson County West Virginia Marriages, 1831-1879
813 S462 Jackson County WV Ravenswood Cemetery
Compiled by Carolyn Thomas Miihlbach, January 1985 
814 S450 Jackson County, West Virginia, Past and Present
Jackson County Historical Society 
815 S574 Jackson Family History booklet
Seaver, J. Montgomery 
816 S45 Jackson Ledger by Stephen Alonzo Jackson. In possession of R. Jackson, descendant.
817 S4 Jackson Ledger from Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants
818 S171 Jackson RootsWeb msg board
819 S380 Jacob M. Jackson estate settlement papers
820 S694 James Inmon Family File
Jymie Inmon 
821 S262 Jericho Monthly Meeting of Friends, Record of Birth and Deaths
822 S585 Jerry Proffitt: Descendants of Sylvester Proffitt
823 S1582 Jerusalem Friends Cemetery, Wantagh, Nassau, NY
824 S649 Jesse Jackson Family Register by Kim Poole provided by Cecil Revell Nov 2007
825 S1420 Johnson County Kentucky, a History of the County, and Genealogy of Its People
Hall, Mitchel 
826 S1599 Johnson County Tennessee Death Record Abstracts, 1908-1941
Nikazy, Eddie M. 
827 S536 Johnson, Davis, Blair, Harper, Lewis, Pike, Ramer, Barkey and a million other Markham Area Families
Johnson, Jennifer 
828 S615 Jones, David rootsweb chart: Mr.
829 S884 Kanawha Marriage Returns, Marriage Records, 1794-1967
830 S1030 Kansas State Census Collection, 1855-1915 at ancestry.com
831 S1664 Kansas State Census Collection, 1855-1925
832 S1253 Kansas, Stafford Co., Cemeteries
833 S601 Karen Shreeve, Our Connections
834 S745 Kentucky Birth Collection 1852-1999 at ancestry.com
835 S1646 Kentucky Birth Records, 1852-1910 at ancestry.com
836 S1111 Kentucky Death Index 1911-2000 at ancestry.com
837 S941 Kentucky Death Records 1852-1953 at ancestry.com
838 S1108 Kentucky Marriage Records 1852-1914 at ancestry.com
839 S1245 Kentucky Marriage Records, by County, various dates
840 S1055 Kentucky Marriages 1802-1850 at ancestry.com
841 S252 Kings County, New York Administration Proceedings, 1817-1856
B-Ann Moorhouse, CG, FGBS and Joseph M Silinonte; abstractors 
842 S184 Larousse, Jody M.; rootsweb chart: Louisiana Melting Pot
Jody M. Larousse 
843 S157 LDS IGI Records
844 S174 Legacy website
845 S494 Letter from Emogene Wright
846 S99 Letter from John A. Hewlett, Hewlett researcher
847 S332 Letter from Loyd T. (Sonny) Wright
848 S1336 Letter from Roberta (Jackson) Rhoades (a sister) dated 12-03-1998
849 S437 Letter from Roger Schaefer, descendant, rec'd 2 Aug 2007
850 S1072 Lloyd Jackson papers; transcrition on the Jackson website
851 S682 London Family
Kathyryn London Stirk 
852 S256 Long Island Cemeteries
Frost, Josephine C. 
853 S1328 Lott Family in America
Phillips, A. V.  
854 S777 Louisiana Marriages 1718 - 1925
855 S671 Louisiana Natchitoches Parish Cemeteries
856 S301 Louisiana Statewide Death Indices 1940-1944
857 S788 Louisiana, Deaths Index, 1850-1875, 1894-1956
858 S872 Louisiana, Natchitoches Parish, Provencal Cemetery
859 S670 Louisiana, Sabine Parish Cemetery transcriptions
860 S608 Maitland, Antony rootsweb chart: Maitland, Parkes, Owen, Chadwick Family
861 S530 Maitland, Antony web pages (Birdsall 600)
Antony Maitland 
862 S173 Maitland, Antony web pages (Coles 618)
863 S77 Maitland, Antony web pages (Doughty 534)
Antony Maitland 
864 S425 Maitland, Antony web pages (Hicks 266)
865 S187 Maitland, Antony web pages (Mott 282)
866 S351 Maitland, Antony web pages (Townsend 308)
Antony Maitland 
867 S236 Maitland, Antony web pages (Townsend 616)
868 S1914 Malcolm House: Old Long Island
869 S496 Marriage Bond
870 S987 Marriage Bond - Jackson/Hughes
871 S497 Marriage Certificate
872 S206 Marriage Grooms List Records 1881-1936
873 S67 Marriage Records at Rootsweb.com
874 S240 Marriage Records of St. George's Church, Hempstead, Long Island, Marriages
875 S249 Marriage Register St. George's Church
876 S1262 Marriage/Wedding announcements in newspaper
877 S1906 Marriages and Deaths, 1820-1830; Abstracted from Extant Georgia Newspapers, 1972
Warren, Mary Bondurant (with Sarah Fleming White) 
878 S1064 Marriages recorded at Reformed Dutch Church, Mannhasset, Long Island (1913)
879 S882 Marriages, Harrison County 1784-1872
Harrison Co, WV Clerk of the County Court 
880 S94 Marriages, Lewis Co, WV, Jackson Family 1818-1865
881 S1538 Maryland Marriages, 1655-1850 at ancestry.com
882 S105 Maryland vital records Online
883 S1021 Massachusetts Death Index, 1970-2003
884 S299 Mayflower Births & Deaths
Susan E. Roser 
885 S297 Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol 11, Part III.
Peter B. Hill, Compiler 
886 S796 Mayo Free Press
887 S507 McMahan, Susan Ellison; rootsweb chart: Ellison Ancestors and Their Descendants
888 S916 McWhorter 'Jackson papers' at WVU
889 S14 McWhorter Jackson Sketches
890 S243 Memorial of the Late Honorable David S. Jones
Stanford and Swords Publishing 
891 S248 Message Board, Nassau County, NY
892 S729 Michael & Holly Smith Family, 25 Aug 2001; info provided to Bob Mitchell
893 S1838 Michigan Death Index, 1897-1920
894 S1505 Michigan Deaths, 1971-1996
895 S1681 Michigan Marriages, 1822-1995
896 S1682 Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925
897 S1017 Michigan, Death Certificates, 1921-1952
898 S1579 Michigan, Deaths and Burials Index, 1867 - 1995
899 S1712 Michigan, Livingston County Marriage Index
900 S294 Minnesota Birth Index, 1935-2002
901 S1043 Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002 at ancestry.com
902 S1436 Minnesota Farmers' Diaries
903 S293 Minnesota Territorial & State Censuses 1849-1905
904 S53 Misc.
905 S1124 Mississippi Marriages 1776-1935 at ancestry.com
906 S1926 Mississippi, Lamar County Genealogy and History
907 S930 Missouri Death Certificates, 1910-1958 website
908 S116 Missouri Death Records, 1834-1910 at ancestry.com
909 S1060 Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002 at ancestry.com
910 S1492 Missouri Marriages to 1850
911 S627 Missouri, Ray County Cemetery Records, Vol 1 - 111
912 S714 Missouri, Ray County Cemetery Records, Vol IV - VI
913 S1443 Montana Death Index 1860-2007 at ancestry.com
914 S1503 Montana, County Marriages, 1865-1950
915 S782 Monthly Meeting Records
Society of Friends 
916 S1659 Monthly meeting records, 1640 -
Society of Friends, Flushing Monthly Meeting (Flushing, New York) 
917 S369 MyFamily site: Calhoun Cousin Connection
918 S510 MyFamily Site: Calhoun Roane Braxton & Clay Tombstone site.
919 S324 Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses Were Issued by the Secretary of the Province of NY previous to 1784.
NY Colony and NY State Secretary's Office 
920 S1597 New Hampshire, Death and Burial Records Index, 1654 - 1949
921 S1450 New Jersey Births and Christenings Index 1660-1931
922 S1729 New Jersey Census, 1643-1890 at ancestry.com
Jackson, Ronald V., Accelerated Indexing Systems, comp. 
923 S900 New Jersey Marriage Index 1680 - 1900
County Clerk Records 
924 S902 New Jersey Marriages 1684-1895 at ancestry.com
925 S883 New Jersey Marriages, Colonial Era, 1665 - 1800 at ancestry.com
926 S1733 New Jersey Tax Lists Index 1772-1822
927 S1841 New Jersey, Births and Christenings 1660-1980 at familysearch.org
928 S1713 New Jersey, Births and Christenings Index, 1660 - 1931
929 S1744 New Jersey, Births and Christenings Index, 1660-1931
930 S1839 New Jersey, Calendar of Wills - 1810-1813
Hutchinson, Elmer T. 
931 S544 New Jersey, Calendar of Wills 1670-1760
932 S1283 New Jersey, Calendar of Wills 1730-1750, Vol. II
933 S1598 New Jersey, Deaths and Burials Index, 1798-1971
934 S1509 New Jersey, Deaths and Burials, 1720-1988 at family search.org
935 S1620 New Jersey, Marriages, 1678-1985
936 S1747 New Jersey, Morris County Cemeteries
937 S1169 New Jersey, Morris, Dover newspaper "The Iron Era"
938 S1168 New Jersey, Morris, Dover newspaper "The Iron Era"
939 S1 New Jersey, Morris, Rockaway Records of Families (at rootsweb)
J. Percy Crayon in 1902 
940 S1752 New Jersey, Morris: "History of Morris County, New Jersey with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches
941 S3 New Jersey, Rockaway Cemeteries
Crayon, J. Percy 
942 S13 New Jersey, Rockaway Library Documents
943 S1137 New Jersey, Rockaway Presbyterian Church Parishioners
944 S342 New Jersey, Rockaway Public Library website
945 S1521 New York City Births, 1891-1902 at familysearch.org
946 S817 New York City Births, 1891-1902 Borough of Queens
947 S1674 New York City Marriages, 1600s-1800s
Genealogical Research Library, comp. 
948 S1329 New York City: Italian Genealogical Group, NYC Database of Grooms
949 S944 New York Death Index, Images contributed by Jody Lutter
950 S21 New York Genealogical & Biographical Society "The Record"
951 S887 New York Marriages
952 S1684 New York Passenger Lists, 1820 - 1957
953 S1041 New York, Births and Christenings, 1640-1962 at familysearch.org
954 S869 New York, Broome, Early Families of Broome County, New York; Genealogical Gleanings, Grooms Index
955 S1465 New York, Death Newspaper Extracts, 1801-1890 (Barber Collection)
956 S1840 New York, Death Newspaper Extracts, 1801-1890 (Barber Collection) Record
957 S1999 New York, Genealogical Records, 1675-1920
958 S570 New York, Hempstead Cemetery Inscriptions
Frost, Josephine C. 
959 S267 New York, Hempstead, Old Hempstead Burial Ground
960 S1306 New York, Long Island Surname Database
961 S1295 New York, Manhasset, Long Island Marriages 1785-1878
962 S428 New York, Marriages, 1686-1980
963 S1085 New York, Nassau Co, Oyster Bay, Matinecock Friends Burying Ground
964 S1993 New York, New York, Marriage Index 1866-1937
965 S903 New York, Queens County Sentinel Records (Marriages)
966 S1467 New York, Queens County Will Testators
967 S1997 New York, Suffolk County Library On-Line Historic Newspaper Collection
968 S1166 New York, The Association of the Bar of the City of New York Yearbook, 1914
969 S245 New York, Wantagh, Cemetery: Jackson Cemetery
970 S352 New York, Westbury; Papers from Westbury Historical Society
971 S1987 New York: Long Island Cemetery Inscriptions, 1652-1910
Frost, Josephine C., Long Island, New York 
972 S1480 Newspaper article contributed by Jerry Jackson, Feb 2012
973 S378 Newspaper article transcribed by Jerry Gross
974 S1976 Newspaper Extractions from the Northeast, 1704-1930
975 S1354 Newspaper: Jamestown Journal
976 S1510 NewspaperArchive.com
977 S71 Norris website: Descendants of Geoffery Noreys
978 S1536 North Carolina Birth Index, 1800-2000
979 S1385 North Carolina Birth Index, 1800-2000
980 S1407 North Carolina Death Collection, 1908 - 2004
981 S229 North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741-1868 at ancestry.com
982 S1565 North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
983 S1114 North Carolina Will Abstracts 1760-1800 at ancestry.com
984 S680 North Carolina, Chatham, St. Bartholomew Cemetery
985 S943 North Carolina, Death Certificates, 1909-1975
986 S1048 North Carolina, Marriage Index, 1741-2004
987 S1969 North Carolina, Marriage Records, 1741-2011
988 S1051 North Carolina, Wilkes County Marriages 1778-1868
Holcomb, Brent H. 
989 S988 North Carolina, Wilkes County Marriages 1778-1868
Holcomb, Brent H.  
990 S224 North Jersey History & Genealogy Center of the Morristown and Morris Township Library
991 S38 Notarized paper
Cook, Roy B. 
992 S648 Notations of Gathings Family Records
993 S364 Notes archived at BGSU, OH Library
Joanne Overmyer, Pearl's granddaughter 
994 S12 Notes from HCPD
Lloyd Jackson 
995 S1370 Obituary
996 S1080 Obituary Collection (U.S.) at ancestry.com
997 S96 Obituary or Funeral keepsake
998 S103 Obituary or Newspaper Death Notice
999 S214 Obituary, Daily Times Index, 1995-2011
1000 S1671 Ohio 1910 Census Miracode Index
National Archives and Records Administration 
1001 S1561 Ohio Births and Christenings Index, 1800-1962
1002 S1418 Ohio Births and Christenings, 1821-1962 at FamilySearch.org
1003 S531 Ohio Death Certificate Index
1004 S1670 Ohio Military Men, 1917-18
1005 S1209 Ohio Obituary Index (Hayes) 1830-2009
1006 S923 Ohio Soldiers in WWI, 1917-1918
1007 S1658 Ohio, Birth Index, 1908 - 1964
1008 S1904 Ohio, Births and Christenings Index, 1800-1962
1009 S1956 Ohio, County Death Records, 1840-2001
1010 S1700 Ohio, County Marriage Records, 1790-1850 at familysearch.org
1011 S1852 Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1994 at familysearch.org
1012 S1917 Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1997
1013 S1626 Ohio, Cuyahoga County, Marriage Records and Indexes, 1810-1973
1014 S1288 Ohio, Deaths 1908-1953 at ancestry.com
1015 S1141 Ohio, Deaths 1908-1953 at Family Search
1016 S1419 Ohio, Deaths and Burials, 1854-1997 at FamilySearch
1017 S1673 Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2007
1018 S1560 Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-2007
1019 S1636 Ohio, Henry County Genealogical Society, Marriage database
1020 S1171 Ohio, Mariages, 1803-1900
1021 S1417 Ohio, Marriages, 1800-1958 at Family Search
1022 S322 Ohio, Meigs County, Chancery Court Records
1023 S1958 Ohio, MOLO Obituary Index, 1811-2012
1024 S471 Ohio, Paulding County Cemetery Inscriptions (to 1986)
1025 S472 Ohio, Paulding: Mortality Records, Paulding County, Ohio, through 1993
Ray E. Keck 
1026 S1985 Ohio, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Obituary Index, 1810s-2013
1027 S314 Ohio, Seneca County, Biographies
1028 S1725 Ohio, Summit County, Marriages 1840-1980
1029 S382 Ohio, Warren County Cemeteries Vol 2 & Vol 7 Wesley Chapel
Warren County Genealogical Society 
1030 S64 Ohio, Warren County Ohio Genealogical Society Records Room-Library
1031 S1186 Ohio, Warren County Virtual Cemeteries
1032 S48 Ohio, Warren; Ohio Genealogical Society
1033 S865 One World Tree (sm)
1034 S558 Ontario Vital Statistics Project Web Page
Mary Crandall 
1035 S114 Oregon Death Index, 1898-2008
1036 S1882 Oregon Death Index, 1903 - 1998 at familysearch.org
1037 S1382 Oregon Death Index, 1903-1998
1038 S1624 Oregon, Births and Christenings, 1868-1929
1039 S1890 Oregon, Births and Christenings, 1868-1929 @ familysearch.org
1040 S1893 Oregon, Marriage Indexes, 1906-1924, 1946-2008
1041 S1892 Oregon, Marriages, 1853-1935 at familysearch.org
1042 S1971 Oregon, Select Births and Christenings, 1868-1929
1043 S291 Our Young Family
1044 S1858 Pennsylvania, Births and Christenings, 1709-1950 at FamilySearch.org
1045 S1618 Pennsylvania, Church and Town Records, 1708-1985
1046 S1643 Pennsylvania, Columbia County USgenweb site/Biographies
1047 S1859 Pennsylvania, County Marriages, 1885-1950 at Familysearch.org
1048 S1928 Pennsylvania, Death Certificates, 1906-1963
1049 S1607 Pennsylvania, Marriages, 1709-1940 at familysearch.org
1050 S981 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Death Certificates Index, 1803-1915
1051 S1556 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Marriage Indexes, 1885-1951 at familysearch.org
1052 S1619 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh City Deaths, 1870-1905 at familysearch.org
1053 S1617 Pennsylvania, Records of Marriages, 1885-1889
1054 S1367 Pennsylvania, Veterans Burial Cards 1777-1999
1055 S1242 Pennsylvania, Wyoming County Marriage Records
1056 S1047 Pension Application
1057 S448 Pension File for Hezekiah Jackson and his Widow, Maria J. Jackson, Box 36 846, Certificate 273092. Civil War
1058 S189 Personal Knowledge
1059 S1405 Pictures and Sketches of My Son
1060 S576 Pieces of the Past
Reis, Jim 
1061 S1226 Poole: Citation to appear before the Court
1062 S555 Prince Edward County Marriages 1869 - 1880
1063 S554 Prince Edward County, Ontario Message Board
1064 S89 Prominent and Progressive Americans: An Encyclopedia of Contemporaneous Biography
Compiled by Mitchell C. Harrison 
1065 S1277 Quaker Records: Essex Co. Rahway and Plainfield, New Jersey at ancestry.com
Cox, John 
1066 S1270 Quaker Records: Index to Births, Marriages, Deaths at Jericho Monthly Meeting
1067 S1267 Quaker Records: Jericho Monthly Meeting, Long Island, New York
1068 S1268 Quaker Records: Nassau Co., Oyster Bay, Matincock Friends Burying Ground
1069 S543 Quaker Records: New Jersey, Middlesex Co., Woodbridge, Vital Records, - Liber B & Quaker Marriages
1070 S28 Quaker Records: Rahway & Plainfield Monthly Meeting Record of Births 1706 - 1888
Extracted by Alan Taplow 
1071 S177 Quaker Records: Rahway & Plainfield Monthly Meetings, Essex Co, NJ
1072 S73 Quaker Records: Register of Members, Jericho Monthly Meeting, Long Island, NY
1073 S1260 Quaker Records: The Whitsons of the World
1074 S1628 Quaker Records: Westbury, New York
1075 S1545 Raynors of Ketchaponack
Stuart Payne Howell, Jr. 
1076 S1391 Records of Wright Freeman Undertakers
1077 S1708 Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford County Virginia, 1723-1758
King, George Harrison Sanford 
1078 S529 Register of the Society of Colonial Wars in the District of Columbia
Fortiter Pro Patria 
1079 S746 Register of the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Ohio
Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Ohio 
1080 S253 Reports of Cases Decided in the Court of Appeals of the State of New York, Volume V.
H.E. Sickels 
1081 S254 Reports of Cases in Law and Equity Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Volume XL.
Oliver L. Barbour, LL.D 
1082 S37 Research & family notes of Cheryl Kale
1083 S90 Research & family notes of Patricia Prickett Hickin
1084 S1998 Research and email of Edward Diamond 11 Feb 2016
1085 S1709 Research contributed by Dr. Anthony Troha
1086 S973 Research of Anita Schultz-Peters
1087 S136 Research of Ann Powers rec'd 17 Apr 2007 by email
'Jpowers01 at comcast dot net' 
1088 S1183 Research of Anthony L. Troha, Ph.D.
1089 S551 Research of Arthur G. Hubbs, Family Group Records & emails rec'd Feb - Dec 2008
1090 S687 Research of Barbara Crumpton
1091 S653 Research of Bart Morgan, Frances Burch Steel and Diane Burch Arnold
1092 S677 Research of Ben Dowdey
1093 S908 Research of Bettie Darus, a desc of John Kirby Jackson
1094 S783 Research of Bill Jackson, descendant, rec'd 19 Nov 2013
1095 S662 Research of Bill Jackson, DNA participant
1096 S194 Research of Bill Jackson, Family Compilation
1097 S1103 Research of Bob Bond contributed May 2009
1098 S654 Research of Bob Mitchell, Register Report rec'd Feb 2008
1099 S31 Research of Bob Mitchell: Jackson and Associated Families of North and South Carolina
1100 S1874 Research of Burke Jackson vie email Mar 2014.
1101 S1340 Research of Carl Enix
1102 S1553 Research of Charlene Martin Frey
1103 S786 Research of Charles Holliday of Newark, Ohio, rec'd Oct 10, 2013
1104 S272 Research of Darrell Jackson
1105 S1211 Research of Dede D. Holden
1106 S658 Research of Desiree McDonough
1107 S1390 Research of Donna Blakeney, rec'd May, 2011
1108 S1959 Research of Dorothy Jackson Brown
1109 S1196 Research of Doug Garnett, sent to Kay Fenton and forwarded to the Jackson website.
1110 S1290 Research of Doug Wilson
1111 S1293 Research of Eddith Lorene Cunningham Johnston
1112 S691 Research of Erica Mallorca, received May 2007
1113 S191 Research of Erin Goodman, rec'd May 2015
1114 S693 Research of Grady Langley, Jr. rec'd Feb 29, 2008
1115 S512 Research of Greg Wolfe, March 2008
1116 S888 Research of Helen Tatum
1117 S1493 Research of Helen Thompson Strange
1118 S1426 Research of Hugh Albert Jackson; see Table of Contents/Conflicting Data Section this site.
1119 S1119 Research of James L. Poole of Richardson, Texas
1120 S1884 Research of James R. Sewell, Jr.
1121 S1898 Research of Jan Leeman Wicks
1122 S1002 Research of Janeen Proctor
1123 S1059 Research of Janeen Proctor August 2008
1124 S1026 Research of Janeen Proctor July 2008 posted on ancestry.com
1125 S667 Research of Janis Owens
1126 S1891 Research of Jeanne Howell, contributed Jan 2014.
1127 S1707 Research of Jerald Gross
1128 S1223 Research of Jinny Jackson Smith
1129 S571 Research of John R. McAnally
1130 S1045 Research of John Wier
1131 S6 Research of Julia Hogston
1132 S1941 Research of Julia Maurine Clements Garrett and Kellie Garrett Heckert, rec'd Mar 2016.
1133 S730 Research of Kathy Burch Williams
1134 S1154 Research of Kay Fenton
1135 S348 Research of Ken Kirch contributed Jan 2006
1136 S349 Research of Lillian Ayers Lough Martz rec'd Dec 2007
1137 S1395 Research of Linda Cyers.
1138 S370 Research of Lois E. Jackson
1139 S631 Research of Loma Rodgers, rec'd June 2007
1140 S399 Research of Louise Jackson Lahmann
1141 S1331 Research of Mary Frances Cornell
1142 S1474 Research of May MacCallum
1143 S453 Research of Michael Anthony, contributed Sept. 2007
1144 S1150 Research of Michael Ford
mikeford At tds dot net 
1145 S1442 Research of Michael McTeer
1146 S1144 Research of Nancy Jackson
1147 S1374 Research of Naomi McCabe, descendant
1148 S1850 Research of Nathan Allen Parrish
1149 S1916 Research of Neal Gardner
1150 S1243 Research of Pat Jackson Armendinger, descendant
1151 S1319 Research of Patricia Jackson Westerfield
1152 S106 Research of Paula Mellor
1153 S958 Research of Paula Mellor, email June 2005
1154 S1982 Research of Peggy Hunter, 12826 Boxwood Land, Union Bridge, Maryland
CHu1629992 add the at aol add the dot com 
1155 S209 Research of Pollee Kreaps
1156 S1210 Research of R. Baker, descendant of Elisha W. Baker
1157 S1383 Research of Ray Jackson
1158 S1629 Research of Rebecca Jackson Henderson
1159 S686 Research of Regina Jackson Gerspacher
1160 S689 Research of Regina Jackson Gerspacher: Info contained in John F. Jackson's Family Bible
1161 S1220 Research of Richard L. Lapan
1162 S1953 Research of RJMRainbow2 at ancestry.com
1163 S44 Research of Ruth Arlene Fikan Gross Edwards. Contributed by Judy Gross Hall.
1164 S460 Research of Sandi Martin rec'd Dec 2008
1165 S708 Research of Sarah Jean Myers
1166 S458 Research of Scott McCain rec'd Nov. 2007
1167 S303 Research of Sharon Corcoran
1168 S573 Research of Sharyn Jackson Tyler
1169 S339 Research of Susie Bullock
1170 S959 Research of Suzan Wedig, rec'd email Oct 2007 and July 2008
1171 S1655 Research of Tom Watson, Wantagh, New York
1172 S465 Research of Trellys Erwin to Barbara Crumpton
1173 S260 Research of Willard S. Moore received January, 2008
1174 S1230 Research of William Langley "Billy" Bell
1175 S1036 Research paper of Steve Burkart, P. O. Box 6, Salem, KY Oct 1990
1176 S1490 Research provided by Lyn Gorski from her own and her grandfather, Leroy Jackson's research.
1177 S688 Rickster's Web Site
William Richard 'Rick' Sterling, email: rick at rickster dot org 
1178 S121 Roane County West Virginia Deaths 1856-1900.
Wes Cochran 
1179 S509 Roane County West Virginia Deaths Online
1180 S897 Roane County West Virginia Marriages 1856-1919 Research by Paula Mellor.
Wes Cochran 
1181 S172 Robert Jackson's Wives and Children
Harry Macy, Jr. 
1182 S1735 Rockaway records of Morris County, N.J. Families: cemetery records, church history, military records, local history, ....
Crayon, J. Percy 
1183 S1727 Rockaway Records of Morris County, New Jersey Families
Crayon, J. Percy 
1184 S223 Rogers, Rex Tod: Family Records; Descendants of Agnes Jackson Harriman
1185 S792 Ronnie Land (hewosco at alltel dot net)
1186 S845 Rootsweb chart of A. Boone: Boone White family etc.
1187 S258 Rootsweb chart of A. E. Holmes: Hayden Family of Essex, Connecticut
Holmes, A. E.  
1188 S185 Rootsweb chart of Adienne Schoverling: Schoverling_Mortensen
1189 S439 Rootsweb chart of AliceS517: Olendorfs of and from New York 2007
1190 S562 Rootsweb chart of Allan L. Bentley: Bentley Family History
1191 S296 Rootsweb chart of Andrea Eaton: Dansie, Jorgensen, Hash, Eaton . . .
1192 S760 Rootsweb chart of Andrea Thomas: trockel/thomas family history
1193 S98 Rootsweb chart of Angel Stonecypher: Parousia
1194 S374 Rootsweb chart of Anne Marie Menard: Malon/McErnerny Family Lines
1195 S257 Rootsweb chart of Anne Marie Willis: O'Conner, Linn, Nock, Clark etc.
1196 S799 Rootsweb chart of Art Hughes: Hughes WV to Ohio
1197 S135 Rootsweb chart of Art Reierson: Jackson
1198 S421 Rootsweb chart of Barbara Lenker: Lenker, Althouse, Loos, Doney . . .
1199 S61 Rootsweb chart of Barry Balow: Murdock Past and Present
1200 S675 Rootsweb chart of Bill Blakeney: Blakeney 11-30-02
1201 S151 Rootsweb chart of Bill Collins: Collins, Davisson, Wagoner, Ball
1202 S83 Rootsweb chart of Bill Stout: 12 Generations of Descendants of John Stout
1203 S1132 Rootsweb chart of Bob Bond: Bond & Austin Families
1204 S263 Rootsweb chart of Bob Eldredge: Robert P. Eldredge Ancestral Database
1205 S1203 Rootsweb chart of Bob Mitchell: Jackson and Associated Families of North and South Carolina
1206 S143 Rootsweb chart of Bob Mitchell: Southern Roots-A Collection of families . . . who migrated to Tennessee
1207 S606 Rootsweb chart of Brian Carlson: The Carlson Family
1208 S591 Rootsweb chart of Bruce York: York's Fentress County Tennessee
1209 S722 Rootsweb chart of Bud Paige: Paige/Page Family Ancestry
1210 S826 Rootsweb chart of C. Henry Jones: Jones Potter Gilbert etc.
1211 S673 Rootsweb chart of Candace Peebles: The Family Puzzle
1212 S1229 Rootsweb chart of Carol and Mike Harbert: Harbert/Malvic
1213 S734 Rootsweb chart of Carrie Shelton: Turner/Tinkle & Garrison Families
1214 S1849 Rootsweb chart of Catherine: Hill, Whisenhunt, Pratt, Beck
1215 S388 Rootsweb chart of Cathy Reisinger: Whiteacre/Reisinger Genealogy
1216 S1202 Rootsweb chart of Cecile Carpenter
1217 S91 Rootsweb chart of Charles B. Prickett: IAPricketts
1218 S394 Rootsweb chart of Charles Warren Lanz
Lanz, Charles Warren 
1219 S319 Rootsweb chart of Cheryl Thompson: Chatfield's - 1450 to Present
1220 S373 Rootsweb chart of Chris Randolph: Randolph/Damasiewicz
1221 S1046 Rootsweb chart of Christine: Fairchild
1222 S841 Rootsweb chart of Chuck Griffen: Welcome to Chuck's World
1223 S39 Rootsweb chart of Clark and Deborah Barker: Ancestors of Destiny Barker
Barker, Clark and Deborah 
1224 S710 Rootsweb chart of Craig Gowens: Gowens, Reed, Kendrick, Robinson
1225 S1039 Rootsweb chart of Cricket Bell: Clark and Allied Families 2005
1226 S928 Rootsweb chart of Cris Bell: Bell
1227 S110 Rootsweb chart of Dale Wahlfeld: Wahlfeld Family Genealogy
1228 S126 Rootsweb chart of Dan Stonecypher: Seventh Seal
1229 S728 Rootsweb chart of Dan Sullivan: GEDCOM-all lines
1230 S716 Rootsweb chart of Dana Kappt: Connections Far and Near
1231 S331 Rootsweb chart of Danny Evarts: Bent Links - A Chain of Evarts and Related Surnames
1232 S215 Rootsweb chart of Danny Evarts: Bent Links - A Chain of Evarts and Related Surnames
1233 S461 Rootsweb chart of Dave Frazier: F. E. Frazier Family Tree
1234 S34 Rootsweb chart of Dave Hughey: Dave's Bohemian, Canadian & Southern Kin
1235 S139 Rootsweb chart of Dave Sheridan: Kerper, Sheridan & related family tree
Sheridan, Dave email david.sheridan add the at villanova add the dot edu 
1236 S129 Rootsweb chart of David Allen Wells: Wells & Scott Genealogy
1237 S651 Rootsweb chart of David Cowher: Doc Cowher
1238 S739 Rootsweb chart of David M. Raper: Raper, Vanderford, Kingsland etc.
1239 S340 Rootsweb Chart of David Utzinger: Dave Utzinger's Database
David Utzinger, email: dputz add the at att add the dot net 
1240 S219 Rootsweb chart of Debbie Allen: Allen, Merrill, Hatch Monroe lines
1241 S393 Rootsweb chart of Debbie Swenson: KenDebswenson
1242 S827 Rootsweb chart of Denise Bushrod Coppin
1243 S804 Rootsweb chart of Diane Eiland: The Eiland and Caffey Families
1244 S298 Rootsweb chart of Diane Wolford Sheppard: Diane's Database
Diane Wolford Sheppard 
1245 S764 Rootsweb chart of Donald N. Panther: Cooper, Yates, Choctaw etc . .
1246 S233 Rootsweb chart of Donna Barraclough-Little: Barraclough Branches
1247 S718 Rootsweb chart of Donna Welsch: Welsch/Englawender and Allied Families
1248 S367 Rootsweb chart of Dorothy Minick: The Miller/Mock Family
1249 S556 Rootsweb chart of Doug Norman: Ancestors & Cousins of Graeme Norman. . . Bay of Quinte, Ontario
1250 S587 Rootsweb chart of Douglas Davis: Ancestors of Douglas Davis
1251 S1228 Rootsweb chart of Ed Webb: North Florida Webbs and Others
1252 S1028 Rootsweb chart of Edd Marks: Families Connected to Marks and Matheny
1253 S696 Rootsweb chart of Edie Bishop: My Ancestors and Related Families
1254 S632 Rootsweb chart of Eric Davis
1255 S436 Rootsweb chart of Gail White: Vail
1256 S535 Rootsweb chart of Gene Burch
1257 S550 Rootsweb chart of George W. Gildersleeve: George's Family
1258 S914 Rootsweb chart of Glenda Stanley: Creed - Jackson - Nail 2002
1259 S1748 Rootsweb chart of Gloria Motter
1260 S763 Rootsweb chart of Guy Stanley: Stanley-Matthews-Warner etc.
1261 S1033 Rootsweb chart of Harry Kane: Kane Family Tree
1262 S740 Rootsweb chart of Heather Elms: Campbell, Elms & Other Families
1263 S669 Rootsweb chart of Helen Tatum: Louis Jackson
1264 S49 Rootsweb chart of Howard and Sandy Sappington; Sappington/Forbes Family Tree
1265 S704 Rootsweb chart of J. D. Hysler: jdh3
1266 S947 Rootsweb chart of Jack Strasser: Blackburn Genealogy
1267 S70 Rootsweb chart of Jackson A. Springston: Ancestors of Jack & Marie Adams Springston
Springston, Jackson A. 
1268 S40 Rootsweb chart of Jackson A. Springston: Ancestors of Jack and Marie Adams Springston
Springston, Jackson A. 
1269 S774 Rootsweb chart of James Brewer: Working Genealogical Databse of Brewers
1270 S392 Rootsweb chart of Jan Bennett: Allen Ray Bennett Family
1271 S599 Rootsweb chart of Jan Farrenburg: Baker, Berry, Bess, Clubb, Cobb . . .
1272 S595 Rootsweb chart of Jan Robison: 62000+ Names from England etc.
1273 S918 Rootsweb chart of Jane Horn: Bostick Family Ties
1274 S144 Rootsweb chart of Jane Revord: Vaughn/Revord Family Tree
Revord, Jane email Drover54 add the at aol add the dot com 
1275 S628 Rootsweb chart of Janet Ariciu: Janet Ariciu Family Bush
Ariciu, Janet email monkey a d d the at getogin a d d the dot net 
1276 S709 Rootsweb chart of Jean Plummer: Plumer or Plummer, Nelson & Morrisons
1277 S1031 Rootsweb chart of Jeffrey W. Hamilton: Family of Jeffrey W. Hamilton
1278 S629 Rootsweb chart of Jenny R. Findsen: Lowe Family Tree
1279 S406 Rootsweb chart of Jerry Bricker: bricker - benson
1280 S798 Rootsweb chart of Jim Baker: B. V. Davis Family Tree
1281 S78 Rootsweb chart of Jim Rubbins: The Descendants of Capt. John Seaman
1282 S276 Rootsweb chart of Joan Hicks:The Hicks/Hix Database - Northeast Connections
1283 S270 Rootsweb chart of Jody Dillard: James C. Dillard Family
1284 S821 Rootsweb chart of Joe Oglesby, Past President of the Meriwether Society
1285 S162 Rootsweb chart of Johannes Lodewijk Hennekes: From Bremen Heineken to Dordrecht Hennekes
Hennekes, John L. 
1286 S27 Rootsweb chart of John Fox: O'Conners of Oswego
1287 S1749 Rootsweb chart of John Helme: Helme Family Tree
1288 S1130 Rootsweb chart of John Merrill Fisher: Fisher and Grimes Ancestors
1289 S1065 Rootsweb chart of John Taber: Taber, Yarber, Buhler etc.
1290 S101 Rootsweb chart of Jon Sanders: They Came to Milton
1291 S720 Rootsweb chart of Jonathan Smith: BSJTK Smith Tree
1292 S1073 Rootsweb chart of Joni Capuano: Bolt, Denton, Capuano etc.
1293 S860 Rootsweb chart of Joyce Rittenour Post: Our Ward Family of VA/WV and descendants
1294 S442 Rootsweb chart of Judith Railton: Dick Railton
1295 S759 Rootsweb chart of Judy Vonne: My SW-VA Roots
1296 S752 Rootsweb chart of June Johnson: Stewarts/Pricketts/Arrington . . .
1297 S538 Rootsweb chart of Karen Roberts: Tennis/Fitchett Family Tree
1298 S770 Rootsweb chart of Kathy Eaton: Kathy Eaton Family Tree
Eaton, Kathy email: grannykaty add the at yahoo a d d the dot com 
1299 S213 Rootsweb chart of Kathy Wienrank: Wienrank-Harbit Family Tree
1300 S371 Rootsweb chart of Kelly Michaels: Kelly's Tree
1301 S1101 Rootsweb chart of Ken Gissy: Buracker, Buroker, Boraker etc.
1302 S231 Rootsweb chart of Kenneth Peters: Peters Halsey Holt Jackson etc.
1303 S636 Rootsweb chart of Kenneth Ray: The Gateway to the Past
1304 S1078 Rootsweb chart of Kim Fowler: My Family-Past, Present & Future
1305 S1972 Rootsweb chart of Kimberly McDaniel
1306 S977 Rootsweb chart of Kurt Cook: Cook - Letham Families
1307 S600 Rootsweb chart of Larry & Elaine Blackman: Blackman - Farmer Roots
1308 S441 Rootsweb chart of Larry Corsa: Corsa Family
1309 S65 Rootsweb chart of Larry Flesher and Kimberly Tappmeyer
1310 S265 Rootsweb chart of Larry Sutton: Sutton-Appleton
1311 S553 Rootsweb chart of Laura Anderson: Laura Anderson PAF File
1312 S350 Rootsweb chart of Lawrence Pavlowich: Pavlowich Genealogy
1313 S305 Rootsweb chart of Leigh Bellows: Bellows
1314 S874 Rootsweb chart of Leslie Pierce Royce: Joshua Saxon, Sr. Descendants
1315 S642 Rootsweb chart of Linda Ley: Linda's Family Journey
1316 S611 Rootsweb chart of Linda Moores: Moores and more . . .
1317 S7 Rootsweb chart of Linda Schmehl: Ancestors of Kenneth Schmehl & Linda Herring
1318 S178 Rootsweb chart of Lois Krause: Breur_Krause
1319 S251 Rootsweb chart of Lori Luke: Ulster & Albany County, NY Ancestors & Descendants
1320 S797 Rootsweb chart of Louis Powell: My Southern Families
1321 S566 Rootsweb chart of Lowell Crawford: Lowell Crawford
1322 S159 Rootsweb chart of Lynn C. Norton: lynn chandler norton
1323 S986 Rootsweb chart of Malinda Harris: Taylor James Tharpe Burner
1324 S410 Rootsweb chart of Mark W. Gardner: Gardner's Roots
1325 S766 Rootsweb chart of Martin Graves: Max Herschel Graves etc.
1326 S434 Rootsweb chart of Martsy Goeringer: Lee
1327 S735 Rootsweb chart of Marvin E. Carnes: Carnes Family Tree and Heritage
1328 S1563 Rootsweb chart of Mary Andersen: Wilde and Clark Branches
1329 S23 Rootsweb chart of Mary Harkey Russell: Thomas and Mary Harkey Russell
1330 S812 Rootsweb chart of Mary Robertson: Precious Memories
1331 S1110 Rootsweb chart of Mary: James C and Mary A (Stamper) McKague
1332 S327 Rootsweb chart of Melvin Morris: Family
1333 S561 Rootsweb chart of Meredith Mullet: Mullet Ancestry and Other Distant Connect
1334 S514 Rootsweb chart of Merry Anne: Pierson, Samuel & Others
1335 S985 Rootsweb chart of Michael J. Thissen: Family Tree
1336 S1631 Rootsweb chart of Michael Marshall: 1658-1758 "The first 100 years"
Marshall, Michael 
1337 S168 Rootsweb chart of Michael Thissen: Family Tree of Michael J. Thissen
1338 S235 Rootsweb chart of Michaella Pierce: Earl Lorenzo Price
1339 S210 Rootsweb chart of Michele Clark: My West Virginia Family Bush
1340 S1222 Rootsweb chart of Mickey King: King Family Tree
1341 S854 Rootsweb chart of Morgan Burkett: My family
1342 S87 Rootsweb chart of Morris Braum: Hinzman Braum (WV) Genealogy
1343 S93 Rootsweb chart of Nancy Jacobsen: Kansas Book
1344 S75 Rootsweb chart of Nina Ede: Ancestors of Llewellyn Yoe Ede
1345 S443 Rootsweb chart of P. Beeston: Good-Engle-Hanks
1346 S607 Rootsweb chart of P. J. Shiver: My Sleeth Line
1347 S282 Rootsweb chart of P. J.: Our Family from A to Z
1348 S824 Rootsweb chart of Pam Schuler: Trails Leading to Texas
1349 S1372 Rootsweb chart of Pamela Long: A Long Line of Ancestors
Long, Pamela email: rplong at comcast add the dot net 
1350 S837 Rootsweb chart of Pamela Long: A Long Line of Ancestors
Long Pamela, email: rplong at comcast add the dot net 
1351 S1458 Rootsweb chart of Paul Brodnicki: Sally L. Reynolds . . .
Brodnicki, Paul J. 
1352 S768 Rootsweb chart of Paul Mears: Meares-Butler Blackburn-Pickel Rhinehart etc.
1353 S637 Rootsweb chart of Peggy Fashion: Walls-Portwood Family Tree
1354 S846 Rootsweb chart of Phillip Patrick Yarish
1355 S999 Rootsweb chart of Pollee Kreaps: Walker Kreaps April 2008
1356 S26 Rootsweb chart of R. G. Clarke: Mott Genealogy
1357 S1276 Rootsweb chart of Rachelle Jesse Ross: Ancestry of Rachelle Jessee Ross
1358 S250 Rootsweb chart of Ralph Wood: Wood Kemble Donne Sands Hart rev. 3 (30 Jan 2005)
1359 S1040 Rootsweb chart of Randa: The Chinn and Myers Families
1360 S463 Rootsweb chart of Ray Boso: Boso-Reese
1361 S431 Rootsweb chart of Rebecca Anderson: Spirit of Elijah: Malachi 4:6
1362 S423 Rootsweb chart of Rebecca Pachasa: Baker, Klotz, Bowe, Bordner . . .
1363 S1848 Rootsweb chart of Rhonda Weaver James: Rhonda's Family Tree
1364 S559 Rootsweb chart of Richard Lander: Vanalstine, Huffman, Perry and Fralick
1365 S238 Rootsweb chart of Richard Lyle Pettitt: Ancestors of Richard Lyle Pettitt
1366 S217 Rootsweb chart of Richard Lyons: Lyons-Richer Genealogy
1367 S515 Rootsweb chart of Rick Yarnell: Yarnold-Yarnall-Yarnell
1368 S147 Rootsweb chart of Ricky Weinberg: Bailey, Mercer Co., West Virginia
1369 S1303 Rootsweb chart of Rob: Underhill Lineage 2010
1370 S477 Rootsweb chart of Robert Kline: Shattuck Database
1371 S152 Rootsweb chart of Robin Taylor: Van Noppen Pratt Hamptons . . .
1372 S20 Rootsweb chart of Rod Davis: Genealogy, et Cetera
1373 S755 Rootsweb chart of Russell McLendon: mclendon
1374 S589 Rootsweb chart of Sam Maner: The Common Thread
1375 S222 Rootsweb chart of Sam Tooley: Tooley, Birdsall, McMurtry, Lindquist, Willson, Shotwell
1376 S565 Rootsweb chart of Samuel William Aylesworth: Aylesworth-Parson-Myrthu-Nickle
1377 S838 Rootsweb chart of Scott Brainard: Brainard
Brainard, Scott, email sma639@aol.com 
1378 S626 Rootsweb chart of Shannon Gorman: Mostly Mississippi! Laurell Shannon Gorman Family Research
1379 S652 Rootsweb chart of Shantelle Grace
1380 S1851 Rootsweb chart of Sheila Barnson: Whisenhunt
1381 S871 Rootsweb chart of Smith Tatum: Tatum
1382 S778 Rootsweb chart of Smith Tatum: Henry Tatum Line
1383 S634 Rootsweb chart of Stephanie Clark: Ashby Family Tree
1384 S835 Rootsweb chart of Stephen Craig: The Craig Genealogy
Stephen Craig, email cygnus12@cogeco.ca 
1385 S137 Rootsweb chart of Steve and Connie Lynch: The Legend of the Lynch's
1386 S715 Rootsweb chart of Steve Mathis: stevemathis
1387 S1004 Rootsweb chart of Sue Waterman: My family tree . . .
1388 S833 Rootsweb chart of Susan Best: Best Family Tree
1389 S695 Rootsweb chart of Susan E. Young: The Youngs and Allied Families . . .
1390 S965 Rootsweb chart of Susan Johnson: Susan's Ancestors
1391 S864 Rootsweb chart of Susan Vodvarka: Doyle & Posey Family
1392 S743 Rootsweb chart of Suzanne Smith: Smith-Millsap Family 3 Jan 2003
1393 S328 Rootsweb chart of T. Ware: Davis / Tompkins
T. Ware  
1394 S719 Rootsweb chart of Tanya Diehl: Diehl Family Tree
1395 S731 Rootsweb chart of Thomas D. Stanley Jr.
1396 S300 Rootsweb chart of Toni Verbois: Norris/Verbois Family
1397 S247 Rootsweb chart of Toni Viertel: Toni's Tree
1398 S427 Rootsweb chart of Vicki Clevenger Grace: WV and PA Roots
1399 S542 Rootsweb chart of W. David: The Vigne Family
1400 S376 Rootsweb chart of Wallace R. Baldwin: Baldwin and Related Families
1401 S717 Rootsweb chart of Walter M. Bailey: Bailey - Copenhaver Archives
1402 S913 Rootsweb chart of Wayne Carter: Carter
1403 S830 Rootsweb chart of Will Johnson: Professional Genealogist
1404 S880 Rootsweb chart of William Avery: Avery and Watson Descendants
1405 S655 Rootsweb chart of William Fickling 2004
1406 S757 Rootsweb chart of William Gaskin: Gaskin - Groscup
1407 S22 Rootsweb chart of William Henry Roll: The Roll Family Windmill
1408 S522 Rootsweb chart of William I. Brooks: Books-Craig Family Tree
1409 S769 Rootsweb chart of William L. Killion: Ancestors & Relatives of Wm L. Hinds
1410 S454 Rootsweb chart, no author given, 2001: 37986
1411 S732 Rootsweb chart, no author given: Layman FTW
1412 S605 Rootsweb chart: Early Inhabitants of Orange County, NY
Dalrymple, Jan E. Mars 
1413 S1326 Rootsweb chart: Greggs and Some early Quaker Connections
1414 S1471 Rootsweb chart: Hamlin Family
1415 S216 Rootsweb chart: Hanke-Pierson Family
Hanke, Douglas 
1416 S1740 Rootsweb chart: HorseNeck
1417 S313 Rootsweb chart: Weaver/Diltz/Martin/Murray Ancestors & Allied Families
Weaver, Douglas J. 
1418 S982 Rootsweb mailing llist: Davis in West Virginia
1419 S1596 Rousseau Family website
1420 S1968 SAR Application #1995 of Stephen Alonzo Jackson
1421 S1854 SAR Application of Edward Nicholas Orr, IV. #69482
1422 S1645 SAR Member Application
1423 S1843 SAR Member Application of Arnold Brandley Jarvis, Nat'l # 44586
1424 S1794 SAR Member Application of Benjamin Bassel Jarvis, Nat'l # 44828
1425 S1845 SAR Member Application of Benjamin Bassel Stout II, Nat'l # 44889
1426 S1844 SAR Member Application of Frank Judson Reynolds, Nat'l # 44864
1427 S1590 SAR Member Application of Thurman Allen Stout, Nat'l # 88048
1428 S697 Sexton Family Genealogy
Sexton, Chuck 
1429 S321 Sherman, Angela, Fremont, Ohio written correspondence
1430 S372 Sketch of Some of the Prominent Families of the Town of Danube
Walter, William Irving of St. Johnsville, NY 
1431 S1975 Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
1432 S1666 Social Security Death Index
1433 S789 Social Security Death Index at archives.com
1434 S1133 Social Security Death Index at Family Search
1435 S336 Some Descendants of Edward William Jackson
Doughman, Matella Prickett, 1935 
1436 S480 Sons of the American Revolutionary War Membership Applications, 1889-1970
1437 S1425 South Carolina Delayed Births, 1766-1900 and City of Charleston, SC births, 1877-1901
1438 S1376 South Caroline Death Records, 1821-1955 at ancestry.com
1439 S1931 Spotsylvania, Virginia County Records, 1721-1800
1440 S1856 Stutler Message Board; research of Betty Ankrom
1441 S1957 Summit County, Ohio, Marriage Records, 1840-1980
1442 S1446 Tennessee Death and Burials Index 1874-1955 at ancestry.com
1443 S756 Tennessee Decatur Archives mailing list
Freeman, Janice R. snibbor13 add the at juno add the dot com 
1444 S1217 Tennessee GenWeb.org
1445 S905 Tennessee Marriages 1851-1900
1446 S1878 Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002
1447 S790 Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002
1448 S1097 Tennessee website: Yesterday's Tennessee
Website Administrator, Jerry L. Buter, email: jlb30504 add the at hotmail add the dot com 
1449 S915 Tennessee, Crockett County, Thomas Williams Cemetery
1450 S1847 Tennessee, Death Records, 1908-1958
1451 S1512 Tennessee, Deaths and Burials Index, 1874 - 1955
1452 S1846 Tennessee, Delayed Birth Records, 1869-1909
1453 S1000 Tennessee, Johnson County Marriages
1454 S946 Tennessee, Madison County Marriage Records
1455 S635 Tennessee, Morgan County website
1456 S633 Tennessee, Roane County rootsweb message board
1457 S1115 Tennessee, Stewart County Tax List 1808
1458 S60 Tetrick Family Research
Jack Tetrick 
1459 S1950 Texas Death Certificate
1460 S1489 Texas Death Index 1903-2000 at familysearch.org
1461 S1668 Texas Death Index, 1903 - 2000 at ancestry.com
1462 S750 Texas Death Index, 1903 - 2000 at ancestry.com
1463 S1020 Texas Deaths 1890-1976 at familysearch.org
1464 S814 Texas Marriage Collection 1814-1909 and 1966-2002 at ancestry.com
1465 S1669 Texas Marriages, 1837-1973
1466 S1866 Texas Marriages, 1966 - 2010 at family search
1467 S1498 Texas Rangers Indian War Pensions
Stephens, Robert W. 
1468 S1974 Texas, Birth Certificates, 1903-1932
1469 S1501 Texas, Birth Certificates, 1903-1935 at familysearch.org
1470 S805 Texas, Birth Index, 1903-1997 available at ancestry.com
1471 S1491 Texas, Birth Index, 1903-1997 available at familysearch.org
1472 S1495 Texas, Births and Christenings, 1840-1981
1473 S1949 Texas, Death Certificates, 1903 - 1982
1474 S1944 Texas, Death Certificates, 1903 – 1982
1475 S1952 Texas, Deaths, 1890 - 1976
1476 S357 Texas, Delta County, marriages usgenweb
1477 S942 Texas, Lamar Co Marriages 1841-1910 at TexasGenWeb Project
1478 S924 Texas, Lamar Co. Cemetery Photos
1479 S935 Texas, Lamar County Death and Cemetery Records at TXGenWeb Project
1480 S931 Texas, Lamar County Marriages 1841-1910 at ancestry.com
1481 S933 Texas, Lamar County Marriages 1841-1910 at TexasGenWeb Project
1482 S925 Texas, Lamar data at USGenWeb
1483 S1482 Texas, Milam County Obituaries
1484 S811 Texas, Milam County Vital Records Online
1485 S806 Texas, Milam County, Salty Cemetery
1486 S1500 Texas, Montague, Liberty Cemetery
1487 S1497 Texas, Muster Roll Index Cards, 1838-1900
1488 S1943 Texas, Voter Registration Lists, 1867-1869
1489 S506 The Augustines and Paulics from Hungary and Their Descendants
Sean Lynch, sean add the at goo-bear add the dot com 
1490 S115 The Earnest/Ernest Families in America
Frank Ernest 
1491 S807 The Familytree Heritage Library
Leah Pearson Reich, email geofiles@aol dot com 
1492 S661 The Heritage
Shannon E. Coffey, author and editor 
1493 S575 The History of New York State Biographies, Part 57
Dr. James Sullivan 
1494 S281 The Kelloggs in the Old World and the New
Timothy Hopkins, Member of The New England Historic Genealogical Society 
1495 S307 The Platt Lineage: A Genealogical Research and Record
G. Lewis Platt, S.T.D. 
1496 S383 The Ranney Family Homepage
Richard Wilton Ranney, email: SNUGAZA add the at aol add the dot com 
1497 S848 The Rightmire Family Web Site
1498 S842 The Wright Family Genealogy
Thomas Wright, email lexna@comcast.net 
1499 S836 Thom Family Tree
Karen I. Thom, email kthom@digikron.com 
1500 S794 Tombstone
1501 S646 Tombstone inscription
1502 S1516 Tompkins Bible
1503 S1965 U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
1504 S1610 U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
1505 S847 U.S. Biographies Project: Biographies of Barbour County
1506 S1873 U.S. Cemetery and Funeral Home Collection
1507 S1695 U.S. Cemetery and Funeral Home Collection
1508 S1693 U.S. City Directories
1509 S1661 U.S. City Directories (Beta)
1510 S1883 U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
1511 S1527 U.S. Civil War Draft Registrations Records, 1863-1865
1512 S1496 U.S. Confederate Pensions, 1884-1958
1513 S1690 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850 - 2010
1514 S25 U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index
1515 S1954 U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index, 1850-1880
1516 S1741 U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1885
1517 S1428 U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1885
1518 S1187 U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907
1519 S1887 U.S. Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963
1520 S1720 U.S. Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963
1521 S1216 U.S. Obituary Collection at ancestry.com
1522 S1675 U.S. Passport Applications, 1795-1925
1523 S1694 U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 1
1524 S520 U.S. Quartermaster Roll of Honor
1525 S1730 U.S. Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970
1526 S927 U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca 1775 - 2006
1527 S1524 U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775 - 2006
1528 S1731 U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006
1529 S1410 U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
National Archives and Records Administration 
1530 S1555 U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
1531 S1432 U.S. WW I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
1532 S1875 U.S., Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, 1861-1865
1533 S1961 U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935
1534 S1541 U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970
1535 S283 Virgil Allen's unpublished papers provided by his great-grandson to Jerry Gross
1536 S961 Virginia Census, 1607-1890, database at ancestry.com
1537 S1153 Virginia Genealogies
Hayden, Horace Edwin 
1538 S80 Virginia, Genealogies & Biographies
1539 S1925 Virginia, Marriages, 1660-1800
Dodd, Jordan 
1540 S1346 Virginia, Marriages, 1740 - 1850
1541 S967 Virginia, Smyth County Marriage Records at New River Notes
1542 S1197 Virginia, Spotsylvania County Records
1543 S1863 Virginia, Washington County Deaths, 1853-85
1544 S1861 Virginia, Washington County Deaths, 1886-96
1545 S155 Virginia, Washington County, Marriages
1546 S771 Walton-Cole Beckman-Nielsen-Tutt-Schwab-Beuchanhorst Family
Sharon Tutt, email: STutt99 add the at hotmail add the dot com 
1547 S621 Warren County Ohio Births 1888 - 1892
1548 S622 Warren County Ohio Births 1892-1879
1549 S623 Warren County Ohio Births 1897-1902
1550 S892 Warren County Ohio Marriages 1803 - 1834
Warren County Genealogical Society 
1551 S402 Warren County Ohio Marriages 1834 - 1854
Warren County Genealogical Society 
1552 S890 Warren County Ohio Marriages 1854 - 1861
Warren County Genealogical Society 
1553 S419 Warren County Ohio Marriages 1861 - 1867
Warren county Genealogical Society 
1554 S891 Warren County Ohio Marriages 1867 - 1872
Warren County Genealogical Society 
1555 S476 Warren County Ohio Marriages 1872 - 1876
Warren county Genealogical Society 
1556 S417 Warren County Ohio Marriages 1876 - 1882
Warren county Genealogical Society 
1557 S433 Warren County Ohio Marriages 1882 - 1889
Warren County Genealogical Society 
1558 S893 Warren County Ohio Marriages 1889 - 1896
Warren County Genealogical Society 
1559 S432 Warren County Ohio Marriages 1896 - 1902
Warren County Genealogical Society 
1560 S894 Warren County Ohio Marriages 1899 - 1901
Warren County Genealogical Society 
1561 S620 Warren County Ohio Obituary Master Index
1562 S379 Warren County Ohio Will & Estate Records, Box 50 through Box 100
1563 S1649 Washington State Archives - Digital Archives
1564 S980 web post at genforum: Dorothy Mullis
Dorothy Mullis, email: dlm1946 add the at aol add the dot com  
1565 S853 web post at genforum: Jemima Catherine Zirkle
Richard Skidmore, email skidmoreerc add the at msn add the dot com 12 Apr 2003 
1566 S1008 web post at genforum: Michael Bassell
Michael Bassell, email: mike add the at hemistoya add the dot com 13 May 2007 
1567 S290 web post Genealogy.com: Phillips Family Genealogy Forum
Helen Satterfield, date April 12, 2007 
1568 S1721 web post on Hickson Genealogy Page
Frederick Hixson, email fhixson at comcast dot net  
1569 S690 web post Rootsweb: Hinds-L Archive
Rick Stirling, rick@rickster.org 15 Aug 2006 
1570 S1677 Web: Wisconsin, Find A Grave Index, 1836-2011
1571 S1024 Website and Rootsweb chart of Ken Gissy: Buracker, Buroker, Boraker etc.
1572 S660 Website for descendants of Captain John Blakeney
Webmaster email captjohnblakeney at earthlink dot net 
1573 S365 Website of Allen L. Potts: Walterhouse Family chart
1574 S415 Website of Betty Briggs: West Virginia Pioneers
1575 S868 Website of Bill Couch: Edward Jackson
1576 S467 Website of Carl T. Raff: Raff Family History
1577 S618 Website of Carol Ann Morris
1578 S568 Website of Clay Abrams
1579 S481 Website of Coralynn Brown: Winthrop, Fones, Feake, Bowne, Thorn
1580 S582 Website of Daine Casedy Ollivett-Miles: All the People
1581 S552 website of Dan Buchanan: Trees By Dan
1582 S614 Website of David L. Beckwith: Smokin Kin
1583 S109 Website of Diana Powell: RamblingRoots.com, Pioneer Families of Washington County, Virginia
1584 S803 Website of Diane Eiland: Eiland and Caffey Genealogy
1585 S747 Website of Donald E. Keith: deceased relatives-mostly on paternal lines
1586 S1201 Website of Elizabeth Fay: Condit/Scripps/ . . . Home Page
1587 S330 Website of Eugene Beach: The Beach Family Journal
1588 S117 Website of Frank Ernest: Earnest/Ernest Families in America
1589 S19 Website of James David Rubins
1590 S1027 Website of Jane A. Leavell: Leavell Family
Leavell, Jane A. littlecalamity at hotmail period com 
1591 S1454 Website of Jim Liptrap
1592 S1463 website of Jim Liptrap: Thomas Jones
1593 S791 Website of Joe Burval: Smithwick Family of North Carolina
1594 S780 Website of Joe Burval: Sullivan Family of Georgia and Florida
1595 S692 website of Josephine Lindsay Bass and Becky Bonner: My Southern Family
1596 S1244 website of Joyce Tice
1597 S205 Website of Judy Kilpatrick: Genealogy Junction
1598 S498 website of Ken Wuelzer: Scudder Family Tree
1599 S170 Website of Kenneth Hinds: Hinds Site, Seaman records
Kenneth Hinds 
1600 S201 Website of Linda Cunningham Fluharty
1601 S1578 Website of Lottie Stout:
1602 S1912 Website of Mark Pullen: http://home.roadrunner.com/~markwpullen/Pullen_Family/Long_Family_Tree/Long_Ancestors.htm
1603 S337 Website of Mark Pullen: Long Ancestors
1604 S32 Website of Mary Harkey Russell
1605 S1256 website of Michael Nestor: http://www.michaeldnestor.com/fairchild/fairchild1351.html
1606 S149 Website of Nancy Jackson: From the Past
1607 S266 Website of Nita Munoz: Raines "Cuddins"
1608 S72 Website of Peter Schoaff: Schoaff Family Genealogy
1609 S479 Website of Rash (Horatio) Snyder: http://www.pennock.ws/surnames/fam/fam18187.html
1610 S1585 Website of Richard D. Baith: Baith and Related Families
1611 S997 Website of Richard Schoonover: Schoonover Mastertree Part I
1612 S1897 Website of Ronald A. Gass
1613 S995 Website of Russell Lowell Stutler: Stutler Family Tree
1614 S140 Website of Stella Cotrill
1615 S409 Website of Suzan Ankrom Wedig: We Dig Genealogy
1616 S656 Website of Teresa Weicht: Meller-Weicht Family Home Page
1617 S1009 Website of Tod Griggs Franklin
1618 S738 Website of Toni Farmer: Harlan County Kentucky Genealogy
1619 S809 Website Post at http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/IAFREMON/2002-02/1012849225
Walter Farwell 
1620 S772 Website Post at http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/Van_Bibber/1999-01/0916683490
Gary R. Hawpe, email GRH9999 add the at aol add the dot com 
1621 S749 Website Post at http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/WVMASON/2001-01/0979486044
Sandra, email: SandraG627 add the at aol add the dot com 
1622 S354 Website Post at http://genforum.genealogy.com/tear/messages/30.html
J.C, email: wmcurci add the at aol add the dot com 
1623 S702 website: "Long Islander" Marriages 1878-1900
1624 S416 website: A Pioneer Schooley Family
1625 S166 Website: Alden Kindred of America, Inc
1626 S603 Website: Ancestors of Mildred Klein, pg 237
Reitor, Jeanette 
1627 S1456 Website: Ancestral Lines of our Family (McCurdy)
McCurdy, Kathy and Larry 
1628 S154 website: Arnold Genealogy
Hyde, Dr. Daniel C., compiler 
1629 S344 website: Childs & Hartrick Families
Childs, Holly 
1630 S1739 Website: Descendants of Abraham VANDAL
Chuck Hield 
1631 S1494 website: Descendants of my Ancestors
Wilson, Wendell H. 
1632 S683 Website: Documenting the American South
1633 S1287 Website: Frost and Gilchrist Families
1634 S500 website: ftp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/wv/harrison/bios/jarvis.txt
1635 S284 Website: Genealogy Trails
1636 S1188 website: Hackley's X Roads
Hackley, Vince 
1637 S1393 Website: http://barlowfamily.com/p67.htm
1638 S125 Website: http://duskcamp.itgo.com/Stout2.htm
1639 S1301 website: http://longislandgenealogy.com/ligseaman.html
1640 S1084 website: http://longislandgenealogy.com/MooresSouthold.html
1641 S295 website: http://whitley.kneller.com
1642 S84 website: http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy/researchnotesindex/timelineJonathanHughes.htm
1643 S976 Website: http://www.jerrie.vanhorn.com/vanhorn.htm
Paschal, Jerrie 
1644 S1857 Website: http://www.usgenweb.com
1645 S396 website: Jackson / Paxson
Grundy, Marty 
1646 S145 website: Jackson Brigade, Inc., Genealogical Associate for Descendants of John Jackson (1715-1801)
Hyde, Dr. Dan Hyde, webmaster 
1647 S1460 Website: Long Islandsurnames.com/genealogy
1648 S1138 website: Nomination of Lessland to National Register of Historic Places
1649 S316 website: Peterman Family Genealogy
Peterman, Greg 
1650 S1809 website: Pioneer Families of Washington County, Virginia
Powell, Dianne 
1651 S203 Website: Rhinehart & Bassett Family Tree
Bassett, David and Kathryn (Rhinehart) Bassett 
1652 S1236 website: Rushing Genealogy
Campbell, Brad 
1653 S1146 Website: Rushing Surname Genealogy
Website Administrator: Dan Rushing, email: Dan add the add Rushings add the dot info 
1654 S1156 website: Thorne, William, Descendants of
Thorn, John Coutant 
1655 S302 website: Torry Family Tree
Torrey, D. N. 
1656 S444 website: www.carman.net/nancy's_petticoat.htm
1657 S176 website: www.geocities.com/Heartland/Farm/4653/moore.html
1658 S141 website: www.longislandgenealogy.com/1891/Surnames/J.htm
1659 S1068 website: www.longislandgenealogy.com/jackson/fam00082.htm
1660 S11 website: www.longislandgenealogy.com/jackson/fam00139.htm
1661 S153 website: www.rootsweb.com/worldconnect; misc.
1662 S1461 WeRelate.org website
1663 S1924 West Virginia and Its People
Miller, Thomas Condit and Hu Maxwell 
1664 S922 West Virginia Deaths, 1804-1999
1665 S274 West Virginia Primary County Divisions and Other Locational Entities
1666 S52 West Virginia Vital Records Online
1667 S1979 West Virginia Vital Records Online
1668 S452 West Virginia, "Grant District Cemeteries"
Miihlbach, Carolyn Thomas, Compiler 
1669 S407 West Virginia, Barbour Co. Deaths Online
1670 S408 West Virginia, Barbour County Births Online
1671 S508 West Virginia, Barbour County Marriages 1843-1892.
Wes Cochran 
1672 S851 West Virginia, Barbour County, Births
1673 S850 West Virginia, Barbour County, Deaths
1674 S886 West Virginia, Barbour County, Marriages
1675 S1452 West Virginia, Birth Index 1853-1969
1676 S1145 West Virginia, Births 1853-1930 at Family Search
1677 S345 West Virginia, Braxton County Deaths 1853 - 1880
Cochran, Wes 
1678 S190 West Virginia, Calhoun County Birth Records
1679 S57 West Virginia, Calhoun County Cemeteries
published by Calhoun County Historical and Genealogical Society, 1985 
1680 S885 West Virginia, Calhoun County Marriages, Brides, 1881-1936
1681 S50 West Virginia, Calhoun County WV GenWeb, LCF
Fluharty, Linda Cunningham 
1682 S1919 West Virginia, Calhoun County, Delayed Birth Records
1683 S968 West Virginia, Calhoun County, USGENWEB
Fluharty, Linda Cunningham 
1684 S192 West Virginia, Calhoun, Marriage records - 1856-1875
1685 S1717 West Virginia, Death Index, 1853 - 1973
1686 S1657 West Virginia, Death Index, 1853 - 1973
1687 S1140 West Virginia, Deaths 1853-1970 at Family Search
1688 S640 West Virginia, Doddridge County Roots
1689 S484 West Virginia, Harrison County, Clark District Cemeteries Clark District
1690 S128 West Virginia, Harrison County, Grant Magisterial Dist. Cemeteries
1691 S502 West Virginia, Harrison County, Simpson District Cemeteries
1692 S1364 West Virginia, Jackson Co., Grant Dist. Cemeteries
Miihlbach, Carolyn Thomas 
1693 S1332 West Virginia, Jackson County Marriages 1831-1879
Cochran, Wes 
1694 S1361 West Virginia, Jackson County, Ravenswood Cemetery
Miihlbach, Carolyn Thomas 
1695 S88 West Virginia, Lewis County Death Records
1696 S156 West Virginia, Lewis County, Birth Records
1697 S990 West Virginia, Marriage Records 1863-1900
1698 S1139 West Virginia, Marriages 1853-1970 at Family Search
1699 S1453 West Virginia, Marriages Index, 1785-1971
1700 S963 West Virginia, Vital Records Online
1701 S492 West Virginia: "Braxton County Marriages 1836 - 1875"
Wes Cochran 
1702 S945 West Virginia: "Doddridge County WV Deaths 1853-1969"
Wes Cochran 
1703 S993 West Virginia: "Doddridge County WV Marriages 1845-1937"
Wes Cochran 
1704 S979 West Virginia: "Harrison County Marriages 1785-1894"
Wes Cochran 
1705 S451 West Virginia: "Jackson County Marriages 1831-1879"
Wes Cochran 
1706 S940 West Virginia: "Lewis County West Virginia Marriages 1817-1880"
Wes Cochran 
1707 S899 West Virginia: "Roane County Marriages 1856-1919"
West Virginia Historical Society Inc., Spencer, Roane County, WV 
1708 S895 West Virginia: "Upshur County Marriages 1851-1895"
Cochran, Wes 
1709 S1003 West Virginia: "Upshur County West Virginia Obituaries and News Items 1902-1911"
Lemoyne Wolfe and Karon King, compilers 
1710 S17 Will
1711 S79 Will and Codicil of Joshua Barnes
1712 S63 William Hamilton Jackson personal papers
1713 S1678 Wisconsin Births, 1820-1907
1714 S1679 Wisconsin State Censuses, 1895 and 1905
1715 S1676 Wisconsin, Births and Christenings Index, 1826-1908
1716 S495 Word of mouth
1717 S1665 World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
1718 S712 Wright and Parker Genealogy Pages
Unknown, email blondi4b@pacbell dot net 
1719 S482 Wright Family Genealogy
Author: darmi add the at frontier add the dot com 
1720 S1683 WWI Civilian Draft Registrations, 1917 - 1918
1721 S917 WWII Draft Registration Cards 1942 at ancestry.com
1722 S1034 WWII Draft Registration Cards, 1942 at familysearch.org