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Last updated on 19 June 2013

Bill Buchanan's Overview of PAF 5.2 software  
PAF 5.2 is the software used to create the data pages on this Jackson web site.

(available free from Scroll down to PAF 5.2
GPS - Genealogical Proof Standards

  1. Reasonably exhaustive search
  2. Complete and accurate citation of sources
  3. Analysis and correlation of the collected information
  4. Resolution of conflicting evidence.
  5. Soundly reasoned, coherently written conclusion..
    The above criteria is detailed further on the linked website. A customized google search for ancestors New Online Tool uses Google Maps to Show Historical County Boundaries A great place to place a FREE private query about any surname!

Copyright Info:  easy reference for what is now available for free use.
Who gets what from that will? 

Census Records - History of and How to Use Them:

Downloadable Forms for organizing your research:

Genealogical Relationship Chart (cousin how many times removed?):

Sites with links to all county sites in all states:   To search GenWeb Archives, it is best to go to the national search engine, choose your state and perhaps enter the county in the search string.   As usual, you have to play around with search possibilities.   They don't do wildcards.  (Thanks to Jo at WV. VA. NC. TENN. KY. AND MORE mailing list for this one!) County Finders:

  1. Rootsweb:
  2. NACO:
    (This is great for finding cities or counties that are misspelled and therefore can't be located by rootsweb county finder! Also for determining when county was formed. This is a favorite site!)
  3. USGS: (Scroll down to USGS): The Rootsweb county finder is also on this site.

Where are nearby towns?

New Jersey County Formation: (scroll down to see chart)

New Jersey Place Names; old and present: Lots of links to places for Virginia research:

West Virginia County Formation:

North Carolina County Formation and Dated Maps:

North Carolina State Library:

Georgia Vital Record Online (partial birth & death & Colonial Wills):

The Freedmen's Bureau Online; Records of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands:

Bill Buchanan's great list of Canadian research links 

History of County Formations in Virginia (Interactive Map)

Virginia Heritage - Guides to Manuscripts & Archival Collections in Virginia
[Note: Just type county name in search box to view what is available for a particular county.]

Bob's Genealogy Cabinet - Interpreting Colonial Records: Legal and other Helpful Hints
[Note: This is a great site for those who are just starting to research colonial records.]
A collection of research about Virginia families - years of work available to you.

Immigrant Servants Database
[Note: This database resides on a genealogical services website. However, it does contain some information on immigrant servants along with documented source information.]

[Note: Helpful site to locate sources in your vicinity. Also helps with source citation.]

[Note: For those who have trouble in citing sources. MLA format is free.]

Unpuzzling Your Past
[Note: This is an article that discusses citing sources strictly for genealogical purposes.]

Norfolk, Virginia History
[Note: This site may be out of scope for this list, but it might fit under a migration category, if you have one. Apparently someone performed extensive research on the deeds associated with downtown historic Norfolk.
Edward Wilder (b. abt. 1630) was one of the original landowners. This site contains handwritten abstracts of deeds and source information for Norfolk and Princess Anne Counties.]