Chesterfield Co., South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, David Nevel  20 Aug 1843Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19283 Robert Jackson 
2 Blakeney, Alice L.  Abt 1862Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P22415 Robert Jackson 
3 Blakeney, Benjamin Franklin  Abt 1834Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P22408 Robert Jackson 
4 Blakeney, Charlotte  21 Aug 1821Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14835 Robert Jackson 
5 Blakeney, Eleanor  Abt 1817Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P22407 Robert Jackson 
6 Blakeney, Frances 'Franky'  2 Mar 1800Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P26322 Robert Jackson 
7 Blakeney, Frances Shehorn  7 Jul 1819Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14836 Robert Jackson 
8 Blakeney, George  Abt 1846Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P22411 Robert Jackson 
9 Blakeney, Hugh  Abt 1844Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P22410 Robert Jackson 
10 Blakeney, John C.  5 Dec 1841Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18715 Robert Jackson 
11 Blakeney, Louis  4 Jun 1843Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P22409 Robert Jackson 
12 Blakeney, Mary  14 May 1789Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18691 Robert Jackson 
13 Blakeney, Mary Catherine  12 Feb 1829Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19147 Robert Jackson 
14 Blakeney, Mary Jane  Abt 1835Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P22406 Robert Jackson 
15 Blakeney, Peter  Abt 1837Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P22405 Robert Jackson 
16 Blakeney, Preston Brooks  7 Apr 1856Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P22413 Robert Jackson 
17 Blakeney, Richard E.  Abt 1854Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P22412 Robert Jackson 
18 Blakeney, Sarah Victoria  Abt 1859Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P22414 Robert Jackson 
19 Blakeney, Whiteford Smith  4 May 1865Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P22416 Robert Jackson 
20 Brantley, William Pink  7 May 1822Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19268 Robert Jackson 
21 Burch, Albert Mize 'Abe'  25 Oct 1851Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18033 Robert Jackson 
22 Burch, Alice  Apr 1894Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18173 Robert Jackson 
23 Burch, Anna 'Eliza'  11 Nov 1848Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18027 Robert Jackson 
24 Burch, Benjamin Stephen  21 Apr 1869Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18081 Robert Jackson 
25 Burch, Christopher Columbus  16 May 1877Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18084 Robert Jackson 
26 Burch, Dewey Hill  26 Apr 1898Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18216 Robert Jackson 
27 Burch, Edward James Wadill  13 Feb 1861Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18017 Robert Jackson 
28 Burch, Emma Ingram  15 Dec 1867Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18030 Robert Jackson 
29 Burch, Erastus Hollingsworth  10 Jan 1897Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18202 Robert Jackson 
30 Burch, Ethel  25 Sep 1885Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18178 Robert Jackson 
31 Burch, Eva Eugenia  9 Oct 1869Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18098 Robert Jackson 
32 Burch, Francis Johnson 'Johnie'  26 Jan 1861Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18032 Robert Jackson 
33 Burch, Hardy Sellers  27 Sep 1867Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18099 Robert Jackson 
34 Burch, Ina  18 Oct 1880Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18177 Robert Jackson 
35 Burch, infant  Feb 1890Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18163 Robert Jackson 
36 Burch, James Edmund  14 Oct 1879Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18161 Robert Jackson 
37 Burch, James Francis  30 Aug 1844Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14673 Robert Jackson 
38 Burch, James Thomas  7 Mar 1857Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18039 Robert Jackson 
39 Burch, Jesse Thomas  20 Aug 1865Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18019 Robert Jackson 
40 Burch, Jessie Susanna  19 Jul 1879Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18085 Robert Jackson 
41 Burch, John Bunyan 'Bun'  23 Aug 1877Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18176 Robert Jackson 
42 Burch, John Marshall  10 Nov 1852Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18018 Robert Jackson 
43 Burch, Joseph 'Joe'  5 Apr 1850Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18028 Robert Jackson 
44 Burch, Joseph Blakeney  10 Jan 1872Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18082 Robert Jackson 
45 Burch, Joseph Clarence  21 Feb 1868Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18012 Robert Jackson 
46 Burch, Lucy Harrison Irene 'Lou'  4 Dec 1858Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18015 Robert Jackson 
47 Burch, Lucy M.  21 Dec 1892Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18164 Robert Jackson 
48 Burch, Margaret Anna 'Nannie'  15 Dec 1854Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18014 Robert Jackson 
49 Burch, Mary Elizabeth  24 Mar 1872Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18101 Robert Jackson 
50 Burch, Mary Elizabeth  21 Jul 1883Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18137 Robert Jackson 
51 Burch, Mary Elizabeth 'Lizzie'  7 Feb 1855Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18026 Robert Jackson 
52 Burch, Mary Ethel 'Suddie'  Sep 1886Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18162 Robert Jackson 
53 Burch, Mary Rebecker 'Molly'  28 Oct 1856Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18016 Robert Jackson 
54 Burch, Nathalie Roxanne  11 Oct 1896Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18215 Robert Jackson 
55 Burch, Olin D.  17 Jan 1935Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18224 Robert Jackson 
56 Burch, Rebecca  5 Jan 1866Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18034 Robert Jackson 
57 Burch, Robert Huntley  16 Jan 1888Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18179 Robert Jackson 
58 Burch, Rufus Edwin Sr.  12 Mar 1885Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18087 Robert Jackson 
59 Burch, Sarah Elizabeth 'Betty'  22 Jul 1855Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18013 Robert Jackson 
60 Burch, Susanna 'Sue' H.  27 Jan 1859Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18031 Robert Jackson 
61 Burch, Susanna Theresa 'Minnie'  7 Jun 1848Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18011 Robert Jackson 
62 Burch, Susannah Jackson  18 Apr 1874Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18100 Robert Jackson 
63 Burch, Tristam Hampton  20 Aug 1876Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18103 Robert Jackson 
64 Covington, Benjamin Gaston  10 Jan 1870Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19157 Robert Jackson 
65 Edgeworth, William Thomas  21 Jun 1861Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18617 Robert Jackson 
66 Evans, Travis Sr.  3 Oct 1819Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P26370 Robert Jackson 
67 Hendrick, Rebecca Lucretia  29 Oct 1879Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18242 Robert Jackson 
68 Huntley, Isaac Stephen 'Ike'  10 Jan 1839Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18061 Robert Jackson 
69 Jackson, Ann  26 Oct 1807Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19204 Robert Jackson 
70 Jackson, Annie May  5 Oct 1900Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19173 Robert Jackson 
71 Jackson, Benjamin Alexander  Abt 1819Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18697 Robert Jackson 
72 Jackson, Benjamin F.  27 Feb 1893Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18707 Robert Jackson 
73 Jackson, Benjamin Franklin Sr.  Abt 1788Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P13971 Robert Jackson 
74 Jackson, Booker A.  1787Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P13978 Robert Jackson 
75 Jackson, David  1781Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P13969 Robert Jackson 
76 Jackson, Elijah  Abt 1798Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14006 Robert Jackson 
77 Jackson, Elizabeth  1803Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P13930 Robert Jackson 
78 Jackson, Elizabeth  Abt 1805Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14001 Robert Jackson 
79 Jackson, Frank  Abt 1903Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19174 Robert Jackson 
80 Jackson, Henrietta Frances  22 Jan 1843Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18077 Robert Jackson 
81 Jackson, Henrietta Roxanna 'Hennie'  16 Oct 1853Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19150 Robert Jackson 
82 Jackson, Henry  Between 1810-1820Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18698 Robert Jackson 
83 Jackson, Henry  11 Apr 1855Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19151 Robert Jackson 
84 Jackson, Henry Andrew  Abt 1841Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18692 Robert Jackson 
85 Jackson, Hugh Augustus  21 Jun 1875Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18129 Robert Jackson 
86 Jackson, James  Abt 1804Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14000 Robert Jackson 
87 Jackson, Jane  15 Aug 1799Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P13998 Robert Jackson 
88 Jackson, Jesse Sr.  Btw 1775 - 1784Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P150 Robert Jackson 
89 Jackson, John  1780Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P13968 Robert Jackson 
90 Jackson, Joseph  Abt 1804Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P13928 Robert Jackson 
91 Jackson, Louisa Jane Blakeney  Abt 1845Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18693 Robert Jackson 
92 Jackson, Louise  Abt 1908Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19176 Robert Jackson 
93 Jackson, Mahala 'Alsy'  1784Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P13970 Robert Jackson 
94 Jackson, Mary  Abt 1859Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19153 Robert Jackson 
95 Jackson, Mary C.  Abt 1852Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18695 Robert Jackson 
96 Jackson, Mary Elizabeth  13 Apr 1849Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19148 Robert Jackson 
97 Jackson, Mary Elizabeth 'Bettie'  Mar 1873Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18127 Robert Jackson 
98 Jackson, Maximillian Franklin 'Frank'  Jan 1839Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18125 Robert Jackson 
99 Jackson, May Christine  Jan 1895Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18708 Robert Jackson 
100 Jackson, Pickett  1900Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18709 Robert Jackson 
101 Jackson, Sarah  22 Jun 1791Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P13972 Robert Jackson 
102 Jackson, Sarah R. 'Annie'  25 May 1874Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18128 Robert Jackson 
103 Jackson, Stephen  12 Feb 1808Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18088 Robert Jackson 
104 Jackson, Stephen M. 'Maxie'  8 Dec 1868Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18126 Robert Jackson 
105 Jackson, Stephen P. 'Steve'  Abt 1829Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18894 Robert Jackson 
106 Jackson, Susan Ella  27 Sep 1851Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19149 Robert Jackson 
107 Jackson, Susanna B.  13 Dec 1876Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18130 Robert Jackson 
108 Jackson, Susannah  26 Jan 1803Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P13999 Robert Jackson 
109 Jackson, Susannah  7 Aug 1812Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18700 Robert Jackson 
110 Jackson, Susannah Harriet  Abt 1847Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18694 Robert Jackson 
111 Jackson, Virginia Louise  22 Jan 1858Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19152 Robert Jackson 
112 Jackson, William  Between 1804-1810Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18701 Robert Jackson 
113 Jackson, William  Abt 1905Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19175 Robert Jackson 
114 Jackson, William L  1792Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P13973 Robert Jackson 
115 Jackson, William Stephen  20 Apr 1854Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18696 Robert Jackson 
116 Johnson, Lucy Emma  14 Dec 1851Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18043 Robert Jackson 
117 Johnson, Sydney  Abt 1863Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18047 Robert Jackson 
118 Lowry, Alfred Moore  9 Jun 1804Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19197 Robert Jackson 
119 Lowry, Annie  28 Mar 1900Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18640 Robert Jackson 
120 Lowry, Emily  1834Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19199 Robert Jackson 
121 Lowry, John Henry  1837Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19200 Robert Jackson 
122 Lowry, Mary Temperance  1839Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19201 Robert Jackson 
123 McBride, John William 'Will'  17 May 1840Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18109 Robert Jackson 
124 Meador, Delilah  Abt 1783Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P13997 Robert Jackson 
125 Miller, James Alexander  Abt 1847Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P26967 Robert Jackson 
126 Miller, James Madison  7 Apr 1816Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P26966 Robert Jackson 
127 Miller, Stephen Decater  Abt 1849Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P26984 Robert Jackson 
128 Redfern, Glendora 'Dora'  11 Jan 1868Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19170 Robert Jackson 
129 Redfern, Mamie  25 Aug 1873Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19182 Robert Jackson 
130 Rivers, Burtice Alline  22 Jun 1900Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18234 Robert Jackson 
131 Rivers, Julia Sellers  28 Sep 1893Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18220 Robert Jackson 
132 Rivers, Lyda May  29 Sep 1911Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18239 Robert Jackson 
133 Rushing, Clarissa 'Clary'  Abt 1801Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14311 Robert Jackson 
134 Rushing, Temperance Jane  15 Jun 1778Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19230 Robert Jackson 
135 Terrell, Emeline  Abt 1829Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19317 Robert Jackson 
136 Terrell, John Cottrell  Abt 1831Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19318 Robert Jackson 
137 Terrell, Margaret Jane  27 Dec 1825Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19316 Robert Jackson 
138 Terrell, Thomas Poe  29 Jan 1796Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19315 Robert Jackson 
139 Timmons, Roxanna  28 Jun 1814Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18089 Robert Jackson 
140 Vick, Rosanna 'Rosa'  1831Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P22404 Robert Jackson 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Sarah A.  Aft 1930Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19296 Robert Jackson 
2 Blakeney, Frances Shehorn  26 Jul 1881Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14836 Robert Jackson 
3 Blakeney, Hugh  29 Oct 1846Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P26317 Robert Jackson 
4 Blakeney, James  8 Oct 1819Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P23133 Robert Jackson 
5 Blakeney, Mary  1881Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14220 Robert Jackson 
6 Brantley, William Pink  8 Apr 1911Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19268 Robert Jackson 
7 Burch, Dorsey Edward 'Eddie'  13 Jun 1951Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18134 Robert Jackson 
8 Burch, Elizabeth 'Eliza' Delilah  6 Jan 1923Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14054 Robert Jackson 
9 Burch, Ellen Jo  24 Mar 1925Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18688 Robert Jackson 
10 Burch, Emma L.  9 Jan 2003Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18247 Robert Jackson 
11 Burch, Erastus Hollingsworth  9 Oct 1980Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18202 Robert Jackson 
12 Burch, James Francis  30 Aug 1908Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14673 Robert Jackson 
13 Burch, Susanna Hollingsworth  18 May 1926Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14053 Robert Jackson 
14 Cason, David F.  1891Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18900 Robert Jackson 
15 Clark, Charles Wesley  1 Sep 1895Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P26381 Robert Jackson 
16 Crawford, Hannah  19 Jun 1901Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19277 Robert Jackson 
17 Crawford, Michael  23 Oct 1919Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19276 Robert Jackson 
18 Crawford, Stephen  Bef 26 Feb 1875Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19211 Robert Jackson 
19 Duncan, Elizabeth  1911Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18903 Robert Jackson 
20 Evans, Harriet Blakeney  30 Jun 1904Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P26371 Robert Jackson 
21 Gaddy, William Jeptha  3 Apr 1906Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19107 Robert Jackson 
22 Haile, Susanna  17 Nov 1807Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P26330 Robert Jackson 
23 Hill, Charity Polly  1799Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P13966 Robert Jackson 
24 Huntley, Mary Jane  6 Jan 1917Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18131 Robert Jackson 
25 Jackson, Henrietta Frances  26 May 1913Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18077 Robert Jackson 
26 Jackson, Henry Andrew  1819Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P10739 Robert Jackson 
27 Jackson, Jonathan 'John' Sr.  Abt 1794Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P152 Robert Jackson 
28 Jackson, Mary Rushing  Aft 1808Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P153 Robert Jackson 
29 Jackson, Stephen  date unknownChesterfield Co., South Carolina P68 Robert Jackson 
30 Jackson, Stephen  16 Nov 1887Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18088 Robert Jackson 
31 Jackson, Stephen 'Killing'  10 Sep 1832Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P146 Robert Jackson 
32 Lowry, Annie  13 Mar 1989Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18640 Robert Jackson 
33 Lowry, John Paul  1 May 1823Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19229 Robert Jackson 
34 Redfern, Mamie  19 Jun 1955Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19182 Robert Jackson 
35 Rivers, Burtice Alline  9 Feb 1923Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18234 Robert Jackson 
36 Rushing, John Paul  1812Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14319 Robert Jackson 
37 Rushing, Temperance Jane  1 May 1823Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19230 Robert Jackson 
38 Shehorn, Leah  Aft 1880Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14834 Robert Jackson 
39 Streater, Sarah Ann Eliza  30 Jul 1851Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18054 Robert Jackson 
40 Teal, Wilson Alexander  13 May 1939Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P19370 Robert Jackson 
41 Thomas, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1856Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P14058 Robert Jackson 
42 Timmons, Isaac  date unknownChesterfield Co., South Carolina P18093 Robert Jackson 
43 Timmons, Roxanna  7 Jun 1902Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18089 Robert Jackson 
44 White, Mary Allen  8 Aug 1857Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P26331 Robert Jackson 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burch, Emma L.  2003Chesterfield Co., South Carolina P18247 Robert Jackson 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Burch / Sellers  19 Sep 1866Chesterfield Co., South Carolina F5597 Robert Jackson 
2 Huntley / Burch  12 May 1914Chesterfield Co., South Carolina F7684 Robert Jackson 
3 Jackson / Hill  1780Chesterfield Co., South Carolina F4093 Robert Jackson 
4 Jackson / Meador  Abt 1798Chesterfield Co., South Carolina F4098 Robert Jackson 
5 Jackson / Rushing  Bef 1820Chesterfield Co., South Carolina F5560 Robert Jackson 
6 Lowry / Rushing  3 Jan 1803Chesterfield Co., South Carolina F8058 Robert Jackson 
7 Myers / Jackson  1803Chesterfield Co., South Carolina F4231 Robert Jackson 
8 Ratliff / Burch  20 Apr 1930Chesterfield Co., South Carolina F6544 Robert Jackson 
9 Redfearn / Jackson  12 Dec 1868Chesterfield Co., South Carolina F5570 Robert Jackson 
10 Terrell / Jackson  5 Sep 1824Chesterfield Co., South Carolina F5602 Robert Jackson 
11 Watson / Burch  23 Dec 1869Chesterfield Co., South Carolina F5429 Robert Jackson 
12 Watson / Burch  25 Dec 1935Chesterfield Co., South Carolina F7989 Robert Jackson 

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