Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia)



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnold, Prudence  7 Apr 1827Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P340 Robert Jackson 
2 Ash, John  16 May 1796Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23785 Robert Jackson 
3 Bailey, Carr Jr.  23 Jun 1817Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P28648 Robert Jackson 
4 Bassel, Augustus Lee  29 Jan 1861Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1514 Robert Jackson 
5 Bassel, David  15 May 1825Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P607 Robert Jackson 
6 Bassel, Elizabeth Ann  14 Oct 1819Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P602 Robert Jackson 
7 Bassel, John  9 Jun 1840Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P612 Robert Jackson 
8 Bassel, Lucinda Bird  15 May 1853Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1511 Robert Jackson 
9 Bassel, Martha 'Mattie'  Abt 1852Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1558 Robert Jackson 
10 Bassel, Mary 'Columbia'  18 Jan 1856Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1487 Robert Jackson 
11 Bassel, Mary Elizabeth  6 Apr 1851Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1510 Robert Jackson 
12 Bassel, Stephen  11 Jan 1817Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P609 Robert Jackson 
13 Bassel, William M.  5 May 1858Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1513 Robert Jackson 
14 Bee, Benjamin 'Wilson'  22 Jan 1826Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23879 Robert Jackson 
15 Bennett, Margaret Ann  7 Feb 1829Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23715 Robert Jackson 
16 Bise, Elizabeth Jane  17 Feb 1832Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23588 Robert Jackson 
17 Blake, Belinda  Abt 1825Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P7842 Robert Jackson 
18 Booth, Daniel 'Hart'  Feb 1841Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P476 Robert Jackson 
19 Booth, Deborah A.  22 May 1836Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P475 Robert Jackson 
20 Booth, Elizabeth  Abt 1835Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P478 Robert Jackson 
21 Booth, Emaline  23 Feb 1829Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P471 Robert Jackson 
22 Booth, Malinda  Abt 1831Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P479 Robert Jackson 
23 Booth, Mary Adeline  19 Feb 1852Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P474 Robert Jackson 
24 Booth, Samantha  Abt 1839Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P481 Robert Jackson 
25 Booth, William  Abt 1847Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P472 Robert Jackson 
26 Boring, Manda Jennie  9 Oct 1859Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P7783 Robert Jackson 
27 Boring, Sarah B.  Abt 1865Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P7785 Robert Jackson 
28 Burnside, John L.  Abt 1850Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P28060 Robert Jackson 
29 Carder, Dennis  1821Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23793 Robert Jackson 
30 Carpenter, Jerome  30 May 1861Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P913 Robert Jackson 
31 Childers, Samuel Jr.  Abt 1811Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23697 Robert Jackson 
32 Childers, Sophia  Abt 1809Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23696 Robert Jackson 
33 Cottrill, Elizabeth Anne 'Betsey'  11 Apr 1820Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P979 Robert Jackson 
34 Davis, George Riley  4 Jan 1837Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23872 Robert Jackson 
35 Davis, Sarah  8 Jul 1786Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23887 Robert Jackson 
36 Davisson, Granville George  25 Jan 1810Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1644 Robert Jackson 
37 Dennison, Mary  Abt 1817Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P6200 Robert Jackson 
38 Faris, Josephine  16 Sep 1844Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P8077 Robert Jackson 
39 Fitz Randolph, Delilah  11 Dec 1830Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23589 Robert Jackson 
40 Flesher, Mary 'Polly'  1814Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P441 Robert Jackson 
41 Grant, James Arthur  5 Apr 1844Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P734 Robert Jackson 
42 Hall, Benjamin  Abt 1812Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1297 Robert Jackson 
43 Hall, Jonathan Thompson  4 Dec 1810Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1293 Robert Jackson 
44 Hughes, Elizabeth  Mar 1824Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23540 Robert Jackson 
45 Hughes, Houston Joel  5 Nov 1835Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23502 Robert Jackson 
46 Hughes, Martha  6 Apr 1809Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23495 Robert Jackson 
47 Hughes, Stephen  Jun 1835Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23522 Robert Jackson 
48 Hughes, Sylvester  28 Oct 1821Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23520 Robert Jackson 
49 Ireland, Elizabeth  1796Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1440 Robert Jackson 
50 Jackson, Andrew  22 Aug 1818Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P434 Robert Jackson 
51 Jackson, Benjamin Basil  26 Feb 1821Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P425 Robert Jackson 
52 JACKSON, Edward Haddon  4 Mar 1787Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P25441 Robert Jackson 
53 Jackson, Elias L.  1799Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P424 Robert Jackson 
54 Jackson, Elizabeth Ann  10 May 1828Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P407 Robert Jackson 
55 Jackson, Ellen  23 Jan 1834Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P409 Robert Jackson 
56 Jackson, Ellenor 'Nellie'  8 May 1812Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P281 Robert Jackson 
57 Jackson, James William  1 Feb 1833Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P410 Robert Jackson 
58 Jackson, Jemima  10 May 1813Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P433 Robert Jackson 
59 Jackson, John  Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P427 Robert Jackson 
60 Jackson, Lemuel D.  20 Jun 1807Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P431 Robert Jackson 
61 Jackson, Martha (Patty) Pomeroy  17 Feb 1788Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P273 Robert Jackson 
62 Jackson, Mary  Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P423 Robert Jackson 
63 Jackson, Phebe  19 Jul 1793Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P33 Robert Jackson 
64 Jackson, Polly  Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P426 Robert Jackson 
65 Jackson, Sarah 'Sally'  1801Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P428 Robert Jackson 
66 Jackson, Stephen  10 Oct 1802Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P429 Robert Jackson 
67 Jackson, William Bennett  1809Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P432 Robert Jackson 
68 Kennedy, Jesse D.  25 Oct 1855Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P4481 Robert Jackson 
69 Love, Rebecca  15 Sep 1795Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P25442 Robert Jackson 
70 Lowther, Elias  16 Sep 1776Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P3279 Robert Jackson 
71 Lowther, Sudna  Abt 1774Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P289 Robert Jackson 
72 Lowther, Sudna  10 Apr 1792Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P28840 Robert Jackson 
73 Maxson, Gideon  31 Oct 1815Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23645 Robert Jackson 
74 Maxson, Mary Ann H.  5 Jun 1840Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23868 Robert Jackson 
75 McKinley, Albert G.  4 Jun 1817Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P7841 Robert Jackson 
76 McKinley, William Blake  3 Jun 1846Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P7840 Robert Jackson 
77 Meadows, William Grant  Abt 1867Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P27776 Robert Jackson 
78 Minter, Joseph  Abt 1845Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P7802 Robert Jackson 
79 Monroe, Thomas J.  17 May 1848Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P5526 Robert Jackson 
80 Reed, Jefferson  15 Apr 1811Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P461 Robert Jackson 
81 Richards, Nelson M.  10 Jul 1831Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P8259 Robert Jackson 
82 Rider, Emily Jane  14 Apr 1841Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23606 Robert Jackson 
83 Rogers, Elizabeth Carrie  Abt 1855Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P8070 Robert Jackson 
84 Sheets, Edwin Fenton  1830/1831Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P7786 Robert Jackson 
85 Smith, Nancy  20 Aug 1811Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1527 Robert Jackson 
86 Stout, Albert  26 Nov 1861Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P7801 Robert Jackson 
87 Stout, Benjamin Bassel  25 May 1835Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1457 Robert Jackson 
88 Stout, Charles Alonzo  26 Apr 1854Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P25485 Robert Jackson 
89 Stout, Elizabeth  22 Aug 1840Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P985 Robert Jackson 
90 Stout, Elizabeth 'Libbie' C.  Oct 1851Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1459 Robert Jackson 
91 Stout, Elmore H.  Feb 1843Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1465 Robert Jackson 
92 Stout, Ezekiel Powers  10 Feb 1823Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23741 Robert Jackson 
93 Stout, Franklin  1837Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1456 Robert Jackson 
94 Stout, George H.  18 Mar 1859Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P25483 Robert Jackson 
95 Stout, George W.  18 Jun 1860Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P990 Robert Jackson 
96 Stout, James Franklin  12 Jun 1861Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1460 Robert Jackson 
97 Stout, James Martin  20 May 1808Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1455 Robert Jackson 
98 Stout, Laverna  Nov 1855Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1005 Robert Jackson 
99 Stout, Martha 'Mattie'  Feb 1852Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1004 Robert Jackson 
100 Stout, Martha Permelia  Abt 1816Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P298 Robert Jackson 
101 Stout, Mary Melinda  Abt 1852Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P988 Robert Jackson 
102 Stout, Nathan Daniel  22 Oct 1814Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P294 Robert Jackson 
103 Stout, Samuel I.  Abt 1813Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P299 Robert Jackson 
104 Stout, Susannah 'Susan' M.  11 Sep 1812Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1383 Robert Jackson 
105 Stout, Susannah Jane  5 Apr 1853Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1458 Robert Jackson 
106 Stout, Thomas 'Benton'  10 Jan 1841Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1461 Robert Jackson 
107 Stout, William B Blake  3 Jul 1854Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P992 Robert Jackson 
108 Stout, William Frank  21 Oct 1859Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P7800 Robert Jackson 
109 Stutler, Aaron  Abt 1835Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23552 Robert Jackson 
110 Stutler, Abraham Post  13 Aug 1818Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23558 Robert Jackson 
111 Stutler, Benjamin Franklin  20 Apr 1830Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23551 Robert Jackson 
112 Stutler, Elias  Btw Jul 1786 and Jul 1794Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23549 Robert Jackson 
113 Stutler, Jacob  19 May 1822Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23556 Robert Jackson 
114 Stutler, Julian  Abt 1835Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23665 Robert Jackson 
115 Stutler, Mary Ann  13 Dec 1816Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23557 Robert Jackson 
116 Thompson, Francis Marion  1 Jan 1844Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P499 Robert Jackson 
117 Thompson, John Brown  16 May 1839Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P497 Robert Jackson 
118 Thompson, Martha (Mattie Sue) Nancy  11 Nov 1840Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P498 Robert Jackson 
119 Thompson, Steven Blackmore  24 Nov 1834Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P496 Robert Jackson 
120 Thompson, William Wilson  12 Jul 1812Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P397 Robert Jackson 
121 Van Horn, Minerva  19 Jan 1825Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23575 Robert Jackson 
122 Webb, John  3 Aug 1833Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1441 Robert Jackson 
123 Welch, Alexander  1830Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1113 Robert Jackson 
124 Welch, Permelia (Pamelia)  15 Jul 1821Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1109 Robert Jackson 
125 Welch, Rachel  14 Sep 1823Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1111 Robert Jackson 
126 Williams, Delilah  22 Feb 1804Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P5222 Robert Jackson 
127 Williams, Edith A.  Mar 1860Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P8094 Robert Jackson 
128 Wilson, Thomas B.  Abt 1833Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P8140 Robert Jackson 
129 Wolfe, Melcenia  2 Dec 1838Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1427 Robert Jackson 
130 Wolfe, Perry Hoffman  Abt 1813Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1426 Robert Jackson 
131 Yerkey, John G.  16 Feb 1813Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P25844 Robert Jackson 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bailey, George Washington  31 Dec 1859Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P899 Robert Jackson 
2 Bassel, Lucinda Bird  22 May 1856Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1511 Robert Jackson 
3 Bassel, Mary Elizabeth  31 May 1856Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1510 Robert Jackson 
4 Bassel, William M.  11 Nov 1862Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1513 Robert Jackson 
5 Bennett, Margaret Ann  10 Jun 1904Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23715 Robert Jackson 
6 Childers, Samuel G. Sr.  Bef 17 Mar 1828Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23694 Robert Jackson 
7 Davisson, Granville George  6 Apr 1856Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1644 Robert Jackson 
8 Despard, Charlotte T.  28 Feb 1851Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1645 Robert Jackson 
9 Flesher, Mary 'Polly'  Aft 1870Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P441 Robert Jackson 
10 Hall, Benjamin  Abt 1813Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1297 Robert Jackson 
11 Hughes, Nancy  20 Dec 1840Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23493 Robert Jackson 
12 Jackson, Jemima  1828Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P29 Robert Jackson 
13 Lowther, Robert  Abt 1780Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P3276 Robert Jackson 
14 Rice, Amon Bohannon  Abt 1825Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P258 Robert Jackson 
15 Stout, Franklin  1 Jan 1856Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P1456 Robert Jackson 
16 Tomlin, Susannah 'Susan' K.  26 Aug 1846Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P492 Robert Jackson 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hughes, Jonathan  1840Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) P23489 Robert Jackson 


Matches 1 to 59 of 59

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Arnold / Dennison  4 Aug 1812Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F292 Robert Jackson 
2 Ash / Hughes  25 Dec 1823Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7603 Robert Jackson 
3 Bailey / Smith  16 Jan 1834Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F294 Robert Jackson 
4 Bee / Davis  26 Dec 1893Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7718 Robert Jackson 
5 Blake / Reed  1816Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F146 Robert Jackson 
6 Booth / Thompson  7 Apr 1828Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F67 Robert Jackson 
7 Boring / Stout  26 Sep 1858Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1819 Robert Jackson 
8 Brown / Stutler  18 Oct 1841Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7623 Robert Jackson 
9 Carder / Stutler  2 Nov 1841Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7644 Robert Jackson 
10 Carpenter / Bailey  15 Nov 1843Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F134 Robert Jackson 
11 Carpenter / Woodward  23 Oct 1817Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F9698 Robert Jackson 
12 Childers / Hughes  26 Apr 1808Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7617 Robert Jackson 
13 Childers / Jones  1 Jun 1837Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7618 Robert Jackson 
14 Davis / Davis  9 Nov 1802Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7726 Robert Jackson 
15 Davis / Davis  2 Jul 1835Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7711 Robert Jackson 
16 Davis / Harper  29 Jan 1846Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7692 Robert Jackson 
17 Davis / Hughes  28 Nov 1813Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7619 Robert Jackson 
18 Davis / Parrish  12 Sep 1811Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F8890 Robert Jackson 
19 Davis / Randolph  25 Jan 1867Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7693 Robert Jackson 
20 Davis / Rider  10 Jan 1861Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7600 Robert Jackson 
21 Davis / Robinson  3 Jan 1809Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1897 Robert Jackson 
22 Davis / Strother  16 Oct 1845Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7691 Robert Jackson 
23 Davisson / Despard  2 Jun 1836Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1968 Robert Jackson 
24 Denison / Stout  24 Mar 1836Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1039 Robert Jackson 
25 Flesher / Jackson  5 Jun 1804Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1198 Robert Jackson 
26 Flesher / Jackson  13 Jan 1812Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F59 Robert Jackson 
27 Jackson / Bennett  10 Mar 1825Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1061 Robert Jackson 
28 JACKSON / Norris  31 Oct 1809Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7999 Robert Jackson 
29 Knotts / Arnold  26 Nov 1850Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F51 Robert Jackson 
30 Long / Booth  Apr 1857Harrison Co., Va (now West Virginia) F9134 Robert Jackson 
31 Maxson / Hughes  19 Oct 1837Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7706 Robert Jackson 
32 McDonald / Stout  23 Jan 1849Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F149 Robert Jackson 
33 Miers / Childers  2 Feb 1825Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7724 Robert Jackson 
34 Reed / Jackson  18 Feb 1831Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F173 Robert Jackson 
35 Rice / Jackson  26 Sep 1816Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1231 Robert Jackson 
36 Roach / Hughes  20 Mar 1828Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F8601 Robert Jackson 
37 Roy / Booth  23 Nov 1854Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1926 Robert Jackson 
38 Sheets / Stout  29 Apr 1860Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1820 Robert Jackson 
39 Stalnaker / Bailey  13 Apr 1811Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F199 Robert Jackson 
40 Stout / Bassel  5 Sep 1833Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F253 Robert Jackson 
41 Stout / Blake  9 Apr 1839Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F148 Robert Jackson 
42 Stout / Booth  7 Jun 1849Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F150 Robert Jackson 
43 Stout / Cottrill  9 Jun 1842Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F147 Robert Jackson 
44 Stout / Dennison  31 Jan 1837Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1301 Robert Jackson 
45 Stout / Faris  9 Oct 1862Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1905 Robert Jackson 
46 Stout / Nutter  2 Dec 1858Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1815 Robert Jackson 
47 Stump / Welch  24 Oct 1839Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F171 Robert Jackson 
48 Stutler / Bennett  20 Mar 1845Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7621 Robert Jackson 
49 Stutler / Helm  5 Sep 1845Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7588 Robert Jackson 
50 Stutler / Hughes  18 May 1820Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7608 Robert Jackson 
51 Sutton / Maxson  27 Feb 1828Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7705 Robert Jackson 
52 Tanner / Davis  3 Aug 1856Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1894 Robert Jackson 
53 Thompson / Booth  Jan 1852Harrison Co., Va (now West Virginia) F5215 Robert Jackson 
54 Thompson / Jackson  23 Sep 1807Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F56 Robert Jackson 
55 Thompson / Stout  12 Apr 1838Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F151 Robert Jackson 
56 Underwood / Ash  5 Jan 1843Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F7632 Robert Jackson 
57 Wilson / Booth  20 Mar 1855Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F1928 Robert Jackson 
58 Wolfe / Bassel  8 Dec 1836Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F240 Robert Jackson 
59 Yerkey / Stutler  22 Oct 1835Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia) F8668 Robert Jackson 

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