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"FREEDOM" - The Movie

Movie made featuring the escape of Theodore F. Allen,
grandson to Capt. Job Allen III and Elizabeth 'Betsey' Jackson

Based on The Underground Railroad and the Grapevine Telegraph, An Escaping Prisoner’s Experience - 1863 by Theodore F. Allen, Captain, Seventh Ohio Cavalry, Brevet Colonel U.S. Volunteers

FREEDOM features Mike Ostroski as Capt. Theodore Allen and John Hedges as Lt. A. A. Carr. Allen and Carr escaped from Confederate forces after being captured during the Battle of Rogersville. Frank Green portrays Daniel Adams, the mountain pilot who guides the Union officers across the wooded hills of East Tennessee. Tom Angland brings the character of Col. John Netherland to life and Melissa Owens plays Mrs. Netherland.

Eugene Wolf portrays the eccentric Confederate General W. E. "Grumble" Jones. Ben Mackel plays Abraham Hamilton, a Union soldier from east Tennessee, Katy Brown appears as Eliza Hamilton and Mary Davidson plays her young daughter, Mary.

In northeast Tennessee on that cold day of November 6, 1863, Confederate forces under the command of General W. E. "Grumble" Jones outmanned Union forces and took over 800 prisoners on a forced march to Bristol, where they would be loaded onto trains and sent to prison camps in Richmond and Andersonville. Among the prisoners were two injured men from the Seventh Ohio Cavalry: Captain Theodore Allen and Lieutenant A. A. Carr.

With help from Union sympathizers and some generous but unwitting Confederates, the two men escape and make their way across the countryside. Along the way they meet Daniel Adams, a free black man who serves as a mountain pilot on the Underground Railroad, their guide to safety across the rugged mountains of east Tennessee.

Before the journey ends, both men discover that freedom is something all men possess, but living that freedom can have costs they never imagined.

**You can also find out more info on the movie and watch the trailer at

**More information on Theodore F. Allen can be found in his notes and his father's (Isaac Jackson Allen) notes on our website.

Information about this film found and typed by Jerry Gross, October 29, 2007.

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